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  1. I have more than 2 years of experience in Fiverr. I will give you some advice. When the buyer's request comes more? Four times in 24 hours the buyer's request is seen more. 1.From 4 am to 10 am morning. 2.From 1 pm to 6 pm afternoon. Again, some of this time is not available at the request of the buyer. 3.From 9 pm to 11 pm night. 4.From 1.30 am to 3.30 am. At some point in between, the buyer's request is not seen. You can definitely check it out.
  2. I am continuously getting responses to buyer requests. Kindly, give me some tips so that I can improve my offer.
  3. I have recently made a seller account on fiverr, but buyers request are not visible to me. Any solution?
  4. I am a photo retoucher I can do high end retouching portrait retouching beauty retouching etc contact me for your editing your beauty is our concern https://www.fiverr.com/share/5Dm7Y7
  5. I have publish a gig two days ago. My category is Digital Marketing > Search Engine Marketing > Shopping Ads. When I tried to find my gig it was first page as I filterer as newest arrival. And the second day at the 2nd page without any filtering. I checked that my gig is active. My gig impression is 27 & click is only 1. But I can't find any buyer request. Is there any problem in my gig category or there is no buyer request in this category?
  6. 1.At first you should to read the buyer request well 2.don't hurry up 3.detect,what are they want from you please remember the 3 point when you replay a buyer request, you will see you will be success. please never send buyer request without fully understanding and it will be very bad for you if you are not full understand the buyer request and try to attract buyers with tempering offer just to get the order. so be careful to send buyer request replay. good luck to every one.
  7. Hello Everyone, Welcome to the best freelancing site. Hope you are well. I am here to talk about how to sent best or killer buyer request on fiverr.com. Now a days many new user got confused to what they write on buyer request . So dont worry i will show you just two easy way to sent a best buyer request . First Way: Gain the buyers Interest . Try to make your proposal as Persuasive as possible. Tell them how you will do their job or project proper way and what they will get from you. Give them a reason to hire you . Dont type you have exprience from bla bla bla. Write something unique . Assure healthy communication. Always write your cover letter simple and use easy english word. Second Way; show you a sample . hello sir, i have read your project deails and i know you want (describe client demand) . I am sure i can give you the perfect work . So you will get the best service and support from me. I am now online for you so if you want to contact me please message me soon. Best regards your namer Thank you. Note: Dont copy the same. Customize something ,think unique then write and sent. Best of luck for you all.
  8. Hi there I am sending buyer request offer everyday but not getting any response. Asking suggestions from the expert how can I get knock or how can I improve in sending offers. Thanks in advance
  9. I send 400+ buyer request so far, but no answer till now .what i do?
  10. Some days ago a buyer cancel her order then my order completion rate down 70%. Now I am not getting any buyers request. Please tell me How can get buyers request? Advance thanks.
  11. Hello everyone! I've come across this particular buyer request recently. To my utter surprise, more than 20+ offers have been sent for this fu***ng long tiring task. Sellers are digging their graves with their own hands. Period.
  12. As I already know that 10 offers allowed to send in 24 hours but as it’s a new day my send offer haven’t renewed yet. Am I the only one who’s facing this issue?
  13. What to do before sending a buyer request. 1. Read the buyer's letter carefully first. Do not rush to write a cover letter. 2. If you think you can do the job, you start writing letters. 3. You tell him, you are reading the letter carefully and answering him. 4. Describe yourself in brief. 5. How to do the job? How long will it take? - Tell him. 6. Inform the buyer of your requirements to get the job done. 6. If you have any samples that match this work, show them to him. 7. You are very interested in doing the job, he will get a very good result from you, you want to work with him in the future too, tell him this and finish writing your letter. 9. Finally, Best Regards Your name If there is any mistake, please forgive
  14. Recently i did'nt get buyer request. How can i ommit this problem and get buyer request ?
  15. I have 4 active gig and i am level 1 seller i don't find buyer request but find few number of buyer request that is not my gig related. I have not edit my gig.
  16. ORDER COMPLETED ON BUYER REQUEST🤑 Did you want to know about my proposal trick and tips? [Many months later, again I have started sending buyer request proposals. Most of the time I send a day 4-5 offers out of 10 and get 2 to 3 client messages from these. Secret, I never use any of the previously written templates or copy-paste.] 👉👉 Share your buyer request proposal that you write in your proposal.
  17. I don't Know Why Buyer request is not showing into my gig and most of the thing is before two month ago it was showing but its totally out of sense can anyone tell me about this.
  18. Hello, anytime I open my buyer request, it is always empty, a WordPress developer, how do I change this?
  19. I don't see any buyer request. I spend 14+ hours per day but NO Buyer Request!! What should I do now?
  20. She is a seller and she posted buyer request. We don't know either who she is in the buyer request page. We have only 10 buyer request for everyday. If all the request gone for this type of post then what will be the prize for our time?
  21. Hi guys, I don't know how to send an effective buyer request but I have sent a cover letter according to the buyer's requirement. I have a little weakness in English communication. I've spent a lot of time on fiverr. What can I do now?
  22. After completing the first order in my Fiverr account, I get 4 star review. Since then I have not been able to send a buyer request. And if I can't do it, it's going to be a lot harder to get a job on a new account. What should I do now to solve this problem?
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