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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, Hope everyone is realy doing well. I have lost my NID original copy. Now, if fiverr want verification then what can I do? So I want to replace my billing information with a another person's NID. Please leave some advice to solve the problem. Have a good day all. Thanks.
  2. My account was temporarily disabled after trying multiple times to verify it. I have sent a message to Fiver customer support for help. If at all my account is restored, will my gigs derank? Please, I'm really worried.
  3. Hello guys , I posted 2 gigs in last 10 days and in the first few days under the web developing. I am providing my service for shopify users. I got approximately 30-40 impressions for each gig , but now there're only 8-10 impressions. But I did all the precautions for SEO. Good keywords for title , description , tags and meta data for gig images. But I can't understand what's wrong with my gigs. Can anyone suggest a solution for gain more traffic ? And I want to know what is gig rotation and how is it affect to the gigs. Thank you !
  4. When Fiverr asks for identity verification & How to do it? I saw lots of users they can't verify their identity and I have a concern about it. When I will be asked for it then how I will pass out. Looking forward for the perfect answer from experts. Regards
  5. Need help, The laptop I work with has been serviced due to a problem, but an order has already been placed, in which case can I login to my account on another PC and deliver the design ??
  6. Hello! I have a Fiverr seller account which is logged in my Android device. My friends has also a fiverr seller account in his Android device and we are both offering same services. Now, we want to swap device with one another, and after we will log in our own accounts into these Android devices. Will it create any issue? can we blocked by the Fiiverr? we just want to swap devices. Thank you in advance,
  7. Anyone know How much time fiverr take after restriction of account. I got restricted due to some communication issues.
  8. Good evening, Fiverr community. This message is to suggest the implementation to the system of a way to change user names. Maybe it will happen to you like me, that you took the first username that occurred to you because you thought that your account was not going to be very recognized and ... 4 years later, you ended up working professionally at Fiverr. But you would like to change your username the same way you do on Instagram, to a username that represent your experience, status or your brand. Is this being considered among the future changes within Fiverr by any chance? Thank you for reading!
  9. HELLO Hope all well in the pandemic situation. Try to clean and protect your self. I am a new seller in this market place. I am a new seller in fiverr I work at Graphic Design. I have 6 years of experience in this field. I am publishing a gig on 29-08-2021. My gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/1Wy4q6 . Now how do I get my first order. Because I am new to this Marketplace. Have experience working in other market place. So I hope everyone's help. Thank you so much Regard Reza Uddin
  10. Hi Fiverr community, I have a very important question: Can i sell my own Tik Tok accounts on Fiverr? Is that legit and not against Terms Of Service? If you help me with this question i will be so grateful. Thanks.
  11. Hi All, I am quite disappointed, and would really like to have some support on how do deal with this issue. I am a relativity new seller on Fiverr, and have been working really hard on my second order. I had already spent over 6-8 hours working on the order, and talked a lot with my client. The order was quite complex and I ended up going overtime, though my customer said he understood completely. The main issue was that because of time zones, I couldn't get him to test my code on his website. Anyway, my client and I were working on testing a piece of code, when suddenly the order got cancelled. Just for the record I had actually already submitted a working prototype of the website, and the order was currently in revision. There was no reason, and it said it was by customer support. I looked at Fiverr Messaging, and I couldn't communicate with the buyer. It appeared that his account had been disabled. Does this mean that I lost 6-8 hours of work and dropped my order completion rate to 50% for nothing? Is there anything I can do?
  12. Hi, i need to know How many account can i open in a IP with two another person identity?
  13. Hello Fiverr community! I was wondering... Is there any way for changing my account name? Thanks!
  14. It is very important to know the correct information about a topic: I have been working on graphics design in Fiverr for 1 year. Now my cousin who is with me also wants to start working as a graphic designer by opening a new Fiverr ID. Since there is only one WiFi line at my home, I want to know, Now what problem occurs if two people work on fiverr with same wifi line? Have any solution? How we can safely use our account?
  15. Hello fiverr, How can I find uncommon niche (Graphic Design) for new gig !!! Thanks.
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