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  1. How can I get fiverr affiliates services. I want to promote my gig.
  2. In that case I would say no. But then again, if you have a gig which qualifies, but doesn’t get a lot of sales, you can try. I have one and I got 4 sales from this feature. It’s an extra way to generate sales, so you can try the $10 credit that Fiverr gives you and see how many sales you get. In my case, it worked for a gig and didn’t really for for 2 others. So you do need to test it out on your own, no one really has the answer. How can I get this feature? I want to promote my gigs.
  3. How many day you see like this? I noticed today. :crazy_face:
  4. My profile show a profile picture. But if I click on my gig then it shows another previous profile picture with blurry effect. Is it any bug or normal?
  5. Hi, I am new on the forum. Please Wellcome me. Any tips about the forum? Thanks #stay_safe #stay_home
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