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  1. Thanks for replying. I replied to old ticket and waited 2 days, then I opened a new ticket. finally I got reply in a new request #11655023. is it usual to get reply after 2-3 days when I reply in the same ticket?
  2. Hi, I am also facing same issue, I contacted support and they are providing same generic answer. please help me solve my issue. My payment withdrawal also disabled.
  3. Hi, I removed my Payoneer and added a new one which was added successfully. from them it has been few days and I see the withdraw option is disabled when I click the button I see "The withdrawal option was disabled. Please contact our customer support". I already contacted support team 4 times. every time they reply me generic. which is below: Hi there, Thank you for contacting support. Here is some important information about managing your payout methods: Make sure you’re in Selling mode, Go to My Business dropdown menu and choose 'Earnings'. The option 'Manage payout methods' will appear in the Available Funds section where you can add or remove Payoneer/PayPal withdrawal methods. Note that this option is not available on the Fiverr app. In case you need to update your Payoneer account’s information or to change your Bank details, you will need to reach out to Payoneer Support for assistance. I already added payment method that way, I need help regarding solve my issue so I can withdraw the fund. I don't know what to do. If an fiverr official here, Pelase help me. also did anyone face the same issue before?
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