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  1. because in Asia ISPs change IP addresses every time ( random IP address ), they flagged it with Fiverr's new system. I don't know Fiverr will listen to all these sellers and fix this bug.
  2. @Kesha if you mean this is not a bug why does everyone get this issue? even I got the same warning and your customer support says I violated your policies and that's the final decision. If I didn't do any violation how do you guys flagged accounts like that? I am not saying the seller's new seller rating system is bad or anything. but flagged accounts without doing any kind of violations is unfair. your customer service is not helping. they just copy and paste the same message to everyone. I think you guys want to remove all top-rated and level-2 sellers and run the website.
  3. No warnings mean from old system. new system my account is still flagged.
  4. @Lyndsey_Fiverr In Asia ISPs always change their IP address. I am worried about my top-rated badge. because I worked hard for years to come to this stage. Since 2021 I have been a top-rated seller who hasn't committed any kind of violations. Hope you guys fix this system. I know the new system you guys can see I violated but I am not. so hopefully you guys will fix this before next month.
  5. for me, there are no warnings. its completely fine. but they flagged it without saying anything. i think there is a bug or something or they want to delete old members.
  6. @Lyndsey_Fiverr Thank you very much. because your customer service says it's a final decision and blames my account for no reason. I have evidence that my account is no longer access to my work partner. I think it's better to monitor the affected pc and verify the person and flag. Thank you very much for your response.
  7. Fiverr said the decision was final and did not provide any evidence for us. and I think with their new system we can't work as a team. so we have to use a private network and do. because if a team member violates anything from his PC it will affect to original account. for me and my friend to work together. he created a different account without my acknowledgement. and it was flagged. It happened last year. and I removed his PC details from my account last year. but Fiverr now says I violated policy because of his misbehaviour. @Kesha @ana_tomy @Lyndsey_Fiverr
  8. as a team member, he can log login to my profile from his PC. That's teamwork. But he had another account I found out lately that the account violated Fiverr policy. so they flagged my account.
  9. Everyone must complain about this to Fiverr. for me, they said someone's account violated Fiverr. because of that they flagged me. then I remembered my friend who used my account from his PC he violated Fiverr from his account. because of his fault, they flagged my account too. This is a unfair practice @Kesha. Even I have evidence Fiverr is not considered.
  10. The new Fiverr level is confusing. without doing any violation you guys flagged my account " location inconsistencies or other activities indicating a connection to violation" without doing anything this is very frustrating. @Kesha
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