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  1. Client ordered 3 Gigs from me, on 1 the files that I need we’re attached but on the other 2 no files were sent, after noticing this ( 4-5h after they ordered ) I messaged them saying that the files were missing, both on the order page and via messages, no response. Waited a day and again sent a message over, again no response, then sent a extension request on both orders that had the files missing, again same thing, no response. Contacted CS, after 17h, no response from them as well. Now I’m late and frustrated as hell… 😫 1788×1669 100 KB 2723×1094 57.2 KB
  2. Over 5 years on Fiverr and never had any troubles with buyers refunding the orders. Had very big orders $500 - $2k and everything went smoothly as possible but I know a lot people had troubles with this kind of stuff. The best way is to have as much evidence as possible so when something happens you can defend your work and send everything to CS so they know what has been done. Also another great option is to use Milestones, idk how the refund goes with that type of order tho 😕 @humanissocial Then where do you get these kind of orders done if you don’t accept them on Fiverr 😕 ?
  3. Nice goal to have but a very hard one to achieve, I’m over 5y on Fiverr and still lvl 2 and also know many more people that are longer then me here and are consistently grinding and getting work done, also stuck on lvl 2. Like others have said, having a goal like that is great but myb start with a smaller one 🙂
  4. Thank god it’s not just happening to me, got scared there for a minute 😃
  5. I would love to hear more if something like this happens 😃
  6. I have got the same issue as you a few months ago, asked CS to look closely what’s going on because I was stuck on 88-89% for a month. CS fixed it in a day and said that there was some kind of error with it or something like that. After that it jumped back to 95+
  7. Why worry so much, for example I have completed over 1500+ orders and just got 961 reviews 😕 Some repetitive buyers don’t leave reviews on every order they do and that’s fine with me, it would be awkward to see 5+ reviews in 7 days from one buyer.
  8. Yeah I forgot that there was a vacation mode, never used it XD There are many on this platform from my country , hi to you as well 😃
  9. Just saw this, does anyone have any info about this and what is function is, scared to touch it 😃
  10. Hmmm okay, a new layout, I think it’s to big and why do we have this “We recommend you deliver early, so there’s enough time for revisions.” 😕
  11. Have the same issue with my Top Buyer, 90% of his orders are ending with a sentence “I need this in 2-3h” and he always add’s the 24h delivery extra. In the beginning I tried to deliver as fast as I could, depending on the work amount of course, but it was in the 6h time frame. We’ve done over 100 orders and in the last 50 I haven’t delivered in 2-3h like the buyer asked for because I just don’t have the time to do it anymore, also Fiverr is offering a 24h option and if I/You deliver in that time frame, nothing will affect my profile or ranking, maybe I will/you get a bad review but that can also be sorted out with CS. So in the end, if you can delivery earlier than that’s great but don’t stress about it if you can’t, the delivery time that you set is your main concern at the end 🙂
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