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  1. How long to wait? Already 3 months have passed. There are still no inbox messages. I am very disappointed.
  2. I have already edited the gig 2 times. What should be edited next? I have marketed my gig on Instagram, Twitter. Clicks, impressions are coming. Still no orders coming.
  3. Already 2 month passed. I don't get order yet.😭 Can someone give me a suggestion. How can I get order quickly? And Everyone pray for me. So that, I can success on fiverr early
  4. "Hello there, I am a new seller, and I have had my gig open for over 40 days. Unfortunately, I haven't received any orders yet. Could you please provide advice on how to proceed in the upcoming year?"
  5. My gig impression last week is 800+, but only 10 clicks. My gig has been opened 40 days and I have published 2 gigs. But 1 gig impression only 160+ last week.
  6. I am a new seller. Everyone, please suggest ways to increase impressions and clicks on my gig.
  7. Hi, I'm Jewel, a digital marketing expert with 2+ years of experience specializing on Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising
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