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  1. if the customer asking to cancel the order … you have to cancel it only. Other wise any how the customer will not accept the delivery.
  2. Dear Atiaferdous, Ask your buyer to send the images through fiver. when you typing any text you can see bottom right hand corner there is a attachment button from that can attached images… upto 10 images can be attached at once. if there is more images can zip it and attach. or can upload it on any file sharing sites such as google drive, drop box and send then link through fiver. There is many ways to share files on fiverr … then why they need your mail ID ?
  3. As a Graphic Designer i am using order limitation option to Manage multiple orders at time. You should decide what is the maximum order quantity you can work at once without mess and limit it at that quantity. i prefer to concentrate on the quality rather than going for the quantity.
  4. Yes for Sri Lanka Payoneer is the best method as i can recommend The Payoneer Card can be used in any ATM Machines and also you can withdraw cash to any of your local bank account from the payoneer account in few minutes.
  5. What i mean is … once the order is automatically marked as completed the buyer can not ask for modifications through the order but he can make review. as you know all the buyers are not well known and there is some new buyers… if they not satisfied with what we delivered and they needed any modifications to full fill thre requirement now they have no options and sometimes they will leave a bad or poor review or some times they will not review any thing if we sent a message as i mentioned above there is a option for them to full fill there requirement and what is the benefit for us is… we can keep the customer for the continues business and also we can have a good review.
  6. hi… if the buyer not responded within 3 Days … it will be automatically marked as completed. There is nothing to be worried… But if you allowed any number of Revisions you can send a message to the buyer that the order is automatically marked as completed due to you have not responded for 3 days and if you need any revisions please inbox me and if you satisfied with the delivery please leave a Good review!.. and thank them… this is my way
  7. I am a Graphic designer and i too experienced the same issue … there is some buyers they are not using computers and they will make orders and viewing them only from there smart phones… there for they will not download the image and they will view as how it is on the page and this water mark is a problem for them. There for i have disabled this watermark option on my Gig
  8. hi… Yes… you can be on line from both at same time… its not a issue.
  9. hi… Why don’t you complain this issue to Fiver Customer support If there is any reasons they will let you know or if it is removed by an error they can help you
  10. Isn’t possible 🙂 As far as i know its not possible to change the User Name. if you wish to change the user name … you have to open a new user account with the new user name. so far you have not sold anything there for creating a new account will be the solution for you
  11. hi… you can view the below link the same quetion asked on fiver forum and how fiver customer care replied Fiverr Forum How do I edit my feedback?My seller made four corrections and got it right! I need to change from negative to positive. Thanks! Reading time: 1 mins ? Likes: 1 ❤ Thank you Irshan
  12. If you mentioned as this is not final and this is how i understood from your information and you can request for modifications as how you feel to modify and all… they will not complete the job with less stars… they will request for modifications. what you can do now is… if you have time till cutt of send him/her a message now as requesting information and you process the job as you understood if the customer provided the details before the cutt off time then you can modify it accordingly… or if not send the draft one as i mentioned… but wait till last time coz he/she could send you the required details before the cut off time.
  13. hi… Me too experienced in this kind of situation. To avoid this i have clearly mentioned the order requirement and most of the customs are following this. in your situations what i can suggest you is don’t cancel the order. you just send a message to the customer to provide you the required information and after that before the cut off time deliver a Draft work completed with what are the informations already provided you and how you understood … and also remember to mention your story as this is not the final delivery and once the the required informations were revived will send you the modified one.
  14. Brother me too offered unlimited revision on my Product Packaging Gig but we no need to worry about this. if your delivery time is one day … then you should deliver the first delivery within one day then it will be counted as on timed delivered… even the customer requested any modifications and you can take your own time for the modifications. Always consider the 1st delivery should be on time other wise it will be marked as late delivery.
  15. hi… What “saddu_writer” mention is correct… but also you send a message to the customer and very politely ask to put a good review as if he like the work. Customer reviews are much worth for us to move forward. Thank you Irshan
  16. look at the gigs on below link you can make something like this and upload https://www.fiverr.com/mrproofreading/proofread-and-edit-1000-words-in-24-hours-or-less?context=advanced_search&context_type=auto&context_referrer=search_gigs&pckg_id=1&pos=14&funnel=78c1daea-5304-419e-bc82-d8b653066770 https://www.fiverr.com/glow_writer/do-an-excellent-proofreading-and-editing-of-3000-words?context=advanced_search&context_type=auto&context_referrer=search_gigs&pckg_id=1&pos=2&funnel=78c1daea-5304-419e-bc82-d8b653066770 Thank you Irshan
  17. I think the Old way is best… Customer can tick on the Gig extras as what they exactly need.
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