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  1. Similar thing happened with me as well, I completed the Artwork, Delivered, got 5 Star ratings, received money after 14 days, and after few days, that orders's money got debited from my fiverr wallet!, due to that order cancellation, contacted staff, they said, it was due to chargeback or something, in the end I didn't get that money and got one cancelled order for the first time T_T Let's hope it doesn't happen again
  2. Buyer accepted the order and even left an amazing review, few days later this one particular order shows cancelled and my money got debited Got no response from fiverr staff from 2-3 days. help!
  3. How many days it takes for it to show on profile?
  4. Find out who your Target Client is, and how can you provide value to grow their business, in short offer services they want and you are best at
  5. With the rise in competition, it's difficult for new freelancers to get any orders unless you have an outstanding Portfolio/ Social Media Presence/ Luck I understand... it's tough, but don't be upset, try creating good portfolio, post it on social media so that people engage (it should be entertaining), Improve skills and you will start getting orders I also had to wait like 6-7 months to receive order on fiverr, Everyone is on their own journey, maybe you'll get clients after 3 months or maybe tomorrow Also create niche Gigs, like in your case, create gig like Voice overs for animations/cartoons, or Voice overs for Youtube videos, be specific, use all 7 gig slots All the Best 🙂
  6. I am getting good amount of impressions on one gig, but no clicks, so now I am wondering if my profile pic doesn't look legit to clients? Do people need real images to build trust or I am good and this is just because of bad thumbnails
  7. Fiverr Credits = Money, you can then transfer it in your bank
  8. No one actually knows the criteria to get such features, I recently got this feature and I am close to level 1, I would recommend, just keep creating good stuff, get good reviews and eventually one day, you'll get this feature
  9. Anyone who is actively paying for Seller Plus, would you recommend me to buy it? I am close to level 1 and just got this feature
  10. Good to hear you got your money back 🙂
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