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  1. Hi, Fiverr is using helvetica. There are better fonts available. I understand opinions will vary widely but users prefer a font that evokes enthusiasm amidst a sense of calm and serenity, in addition to being contemporary. I am not sure how helvetica is a suitable font on a site such as fiverr.com where buyers and sellers need to come together and close deals. I would like to know what others think regarding this issue.
  2. Hi, Is there any way to check gig edit history on Fiverr?
  3. It has happened to my profile as well. Description and Languages have changed.
  4. Smokeeyyjoe, some tips are available here: https://www.fiverr.com/academy.
  5. Yes Ma’am, we know that. This is probably a bug. Many other experienced sellers are also facing similar issues. You can read the comments of sergio_yanes and sue_mcl below.
  6. Ladies & Gentlemen, I want to share a funny situation with you. A few days ago a buyer, who is also a seller contacted me about his project. I did not take it because of professional reasons. I close my conversations with “You’re welcome!” or something similar. Response rate decreases if I don’t reply to a message according to Fiverr’s rules. The problem I faced in this case, was, the other person was doing the same thing as me, trying to keep response rate 100%. So he was replying with “ok” whenever I sent a closing message. I did not send a reply to his last “ok” message as it was getting ridiculous and now my response rate is 97%. What is the solution? If I reply he will again send an “ok”. I think, Fiverr should have an automated system which detects meaningless messages to which replies are unnecessary. Share your opinions.
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