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  1. Hi, After this pandemic, everyone goes online, and the freelance industry got a big boost. Your profile seems a little older, and your work is looking good as well. At this time, you can rely on buyer requests, but your profile may struggle there. It is hard to gain the buyer's trust in the initial days, and you've to work hard to make your online presence different from others. Well, there is no hard and fast rule, just using the fundamentals of designing that you are using in your designs can improve your gigs ranking. Most designers always want to solve designing problems for their clients, but how many times have they worked on their own branding, very rare. So, start focusing on your own branding can make a difference here. Improve your gig image design, make them more unique and don't forget to work on the content that you are using for your profile and gigs. Fiverr algorithm changing very quickly, and you can't use old gig ranking improvement tips here. They may work, but there is no guarantee. Sharpen your skill everyday , and I guarantee that something great will happen very soon for you. All the best and stay healthy.
  2. Hey everyone, I am Vikas Swami, a freelance graphic designer or commercial artist, whatever you call, and I love to design the brand identity for all types of businesses. When a person is on their initial stage of career-building, they face a hard nut to crack, which is "What is my actual talent?" or "What I love to do in my life?" but that was just a game for me. At an early age in my childhood, I love to do experiments with all kinds of work that I saw in my day-to-day life, and then I found which one is more enjoyable and which one is less. Wait... I'll cover that talent-finding story some other day. Let me directed you towards my Fiverr success journey: Back in my college days, when I was 19 years old, I enjoyed doing experiments with all types of graphic elements, from typography to shapes, from colors to sections, and so on. I focused on the journey, not the destination, and I was so into it that I lost track of time. At that time, I've used so many freelancing platforms to understand the graphic designing needs in the market but never tried Fiverr in the initial days. I've continued my experiment without even thinking about $$$, and I start getting projects from all around the world. Those days some businesses were lacking in their branding, and their designing vision was not to the standard that I set at that time. I was a beginner and unable to educate my clients regarding this, and I thought this was not freedom for an artist. In August 2015, I switched to Fiverr, and I created my first gig with the hope that I will get great clients here. When I started, I struggled a lot, but I was so curious about their algorithm that I started experimenting with my gigs, and I don't know how their algorithm got what I WANT. Just after three months of this, I was not only getting great clients but managed to take my gig from last to some starting page results. Day by day, year by year, I was improving a lot and getting all types of level badges like level 1, level 2, and the most awaited 'TRS' in February 2019. Overnight success is a myth, and it takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish your goal. You can be lucky here, but you have to have consistency in your work for long-term survival on any platform. Success, in other words, just a journey for me, not the destination. By loving the process, you can also be successful, just like me. So, if you are a new seller and very passionate about your profession, then start your journey today without any overthinking. If you are an old seller and still struggling a lot, then I'd say loving the process, but in the right direction. I know only loving the process will not pay your bills, but if you do it in the right direction, then very near in the future, you'll get what you want. Now, what is the right direction? Well, it can be different from person to person, and just a few hows and whys can give you more clarity about YOUR right direction. Thanks for reading this whole story about my journey. Stay Healthy, Stay Creative 🙂 Vikas
  3. First of all welcome on the Fiverr community. There are few things you can do for your gig: Update you gig images in a more creative way so that your gig can get attention. Your gig category should be more defined, currently it is in "Other" section, try to find a category which is more near to your services. You can up the revisions for first few order (may be +2 for each package) Try experimenting with the gig title (stick it to at least 1 day) and track gig impressions, if you find any boost in one of your experiment then use it for future. Now the most important, Patience! it is the only key for your success. Have a great journey!
  4. Next evaluation on the way (day 15th of every month), few more days left and you'll be promoted. Congratulations and have a great journey.
  5. I contacted Fiverr support and they said they are aware of this, I think this is a temporary bug.
  6. There are so many new sellers on fiverr and they think to get buyers this can be an option. Fiverr is trying to make buyer request area clutter free but there are millions and millions of members here and it is become difficult for them to examine every single request.
  7. Hi, Actually they are misusing Fiverr’s Buyer request services. You can skip them and send your buyer request to only genuine buyers who need help. Thanks. Vikas
  8. Hi webgaan, Well few months back Payoneer disabled my account too due to crossing the country’s non taxable amount limit, so after logging in ‘Payoneer’ they asked for PAN (Permanent Ac Number) to attach with Payoneer account. May be this is in your case too, check your country’s criteria of non taxable amount. If you are crossing the limit then add required document number on your Payoneer account. All the best. Vikas
  9. Hi bmamran, In your case it is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service, and project should only be taken through Fiverr. Fiverr may suspend your account without any warning if they found any misuse of their services. For better help you can contact Fiverr support directly and tell them that it is the need of the project they will definitely help you. Thank you. Vikas
  10. Hi syarofmamdhuh, I saw your gigs and I want to tell you that your portfolio of the gigs is not up to the mark. I suggest you to use modern and more creative pics in your portfolio, if you do that then you will definitely got your projects. “Most of the buyer’s psychology is: if you are a graphic designer your portfolio should be more creative with modern looking designs.” When I started it took me only 2 days for the first project only because of nice portfolio and the content that I used for the gig. you can take the inspiration from the successful gigs on fiverr and try to make some changes in your gig. Please Note: don’t try to copy the content and other things from any gig, just analyze other successful gigs for inspirational purpose. I hope these information will work for you. Thank you and Happy Freelancing 🙂 Vikas
  11. Hi arrtman, First of all I welcome you here on Fiverr Planet. I saw your profile and gig as well and I want to tell you that words will attract more clients so here are few tips for your profile: Add a good heading under your name, currently it is “Art is in my veins” (according to my point of view as an artist this heading is average).Give a Professional touch to Description of your profile (Note: You can take ideas from best seller’s profile but please do not copy at all, Fiverr system is very intelligent)Your Gig’s “https://www.fiverr.com/arrtman/create-a-3d-typography-illustration?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=community” description and heading is good but as a starter the price is too much, try to reduce it. I know as a professional this may hurt but this is marketing strategy here. After getting 10 orders or becoming level 1 seller you can increase the price At the starting stage focus on the impression rate of your gig that depends on the content, portfolio and so many other things of your profile.Also try to send offers to buyers through “buyer request” in the selling option.I hope these points will help you for your fiverr journey. Thank you and Happy Freelancing 🙂 ~Vikas
  12. Hi sowzan, Basically if someone misuse the policy and services of the Fiverr then fiverr suspend their account, may be somehow you misuse the services of Fiverr. Always respect the policy and services of Fiverr. Thank you. ~Vikas
  13. Hi Ross, First of all welcome to Fiverr’s World. First thing first you have to work on your impression rate and that depends on so many factors like the Heading of your gig, description of your gig, portfolio etc. I saw your gig https://www.fiverr.com/rosscoombs/create-a-twitter-header-for-you-or-your-business?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=community and I want to tell you that your heading is average, I think you should use some attractive keywords for it for eg. Creative, Amazing, Awesome etc. Content in your description is great but the important points should be bold in it. As long as you spend your time here on fiverr you’ll be able to do superb freelancing here. Happy Freelancing 🙂 ~Vikas
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