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  1. Do you require a license even for things like voicemail outboxes and company training videos?
  2. Thanks Steve, and thanks @cubittaudio, I have added some very clear requirements in my order section and also in the gig info section. Hopefully this solves this problem for the future.
  3. Hey all, what can we do about buyers who ignore requests to pay for commercial license fees? I have a buyer who paid for the word count for my voiceover project, but won’t respond to my add-on request for the commercial rights. I don’t want to affect my cancellation rate or deliver the project late, but I also don’t want to deliver a project to someone who hasn’t paid for the proper usage rights! Can Fiverr please do a better job of vetting the buyers’ intents before allowing orders to go through, or at least allow sellers to rebut an order if the payment is incomplete? That would be much appreciated.
  4. Thanks, all. I will continue to stand up for myself. 🙂
  5. I’ve been doing voiceover for about 3 years now, so I’m not a rookie anymore. Naturally, I’ve increased my rates over time, as my experience has broadened and my equipment has been upgraded. But I keep running into buyers on Fiverr who beg me to give them discounts. One common excuse is that “there will be repeat business.” But why would I want repeat business at less than half my rate? Especially because Fiverr takes a cut, I can’t afford to work for less than the rates I’ve chosen. Some buyers just don’t seem to back down, whereas I have plenty of clients who are willing to pay more for higher quality work. How can we handle this situation? Is there a way Fiverr can better educate buyers so that they don’t expect 70% discounts?
  6. This definitely needs to be addressed. I go back and forth in response rate “wars” with other sellers because neither of us wants our response rate to go down. So we end up sending each other “thanks!” and “sure thing” and “:)” and it’s just getting ridiculous. There needs to be a way to close a thread or mark it as “resolved” or something, so that it doesn’t continue to affect your response rate. (Or just do away with the response rating altogether.)
  7. Totally in agreement. I find myself between an 89-95% response rate when the only messages I haven’t responded to are things like “Ok.” It’s impossible to keep up when the other person sends you something that doesn’t merit a response!
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