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  1. You can edit your Gig Info any Time... 👉 Description 👉 languages 👉 Experience 👉 Certification 👉 Education
  2. Share your GIG Link on Various SM Platforms. Such as 👍 LinkedIn 👍 Reddit 👍 Quora 👍 Pinterest's 👍 Professionals Other account. Firstly this is normal. So don't worry about your Gig just active as possible so much time. Also follow to Fiverr every Rules and Regulations.
  3. Of course, Yes, but only if they contact you first to inquire about your services. you may share your gig URL with purchasers using Fiverr's chat tool. This is a simple and efficient approach to promote your business and reach out to potential customers. It's critical to remember that while engaging with customers, you must follow Fiverr's terms of service and rules.
  4. You should not ask direct review from buyers. If your work is good, also buys is professional, they definitely give you review. So don't worry about review, just focus on your work quality.🤗
  5. Yes, You have to create 7 Gig for best earning from Fiverr. But You should be a create 1 Gig in every Week, not everyday. If you create a gig in every day, this is not good for your professional Life.
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