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  1. There are so many scammers on Fiverr. We should get rid of them and take care as well. That’s a grave thing. Do not keep important things on your computers! That’s the safest way. Or browse with different proxy.
  2. Congrats! That’s very well and I am very very happy. Maybe you can come Back with your tips for those who are new here. 😃
  3. Thank you, Blaise for all your tips. It is very kind and nice of You to help us from your point of view and based on your experiences. Good luck!
  4. You can find a lot of tips on the forum. There are tons of tips: be responsive, nice, deliver high quality work and fast as well. Promote your gigs. I hope it will work for You. 🙂 You need to wait and be patient. The beginning is always hard, but once you become experienced with Fiverr, you will beg to receive less orders because you don’t have enough free time.
  5. If You don’t repeat the same mistakes, Fiverr will give you the 2nd chance. But If You keep doing that, your account will be banned and You will feel so sorry about that. That was my experience with the badge. I was a level 2 seller and I sent some messages to some buyers regarding my work and I lost my level 2 badge. I was lucky because I always delivered high quality work and this thing was demonstrated by my buyers’ reviews. Take care of You!
  6. Thanks for your tips. Some of them are a little bit awkward, but there are good tips for beginneers. I am always looking for new ways to improve my sales.
  7. Firstly, you should work at your English. There are a lot of mistakes. Secondly, I don’t think you are right when you say that holding your sales in quoue makes you popular among your buyers. That’s suspicious, since I always deliver quickly to my clients and there are no sales in quoue. What’s important? Not respecting your deadline or being quick and fast?
  8. There are a lot of buyers who advertise themselves and that’s really annoying. If Customer Support gets rid of them, then the Buyer Request tab will be useful. There are also a lot of sellers that apply for a Buyer Request without reading it and that’s also annoying and in this way, the Buyer won’t know which to choose because of those “spam messages”.
  9. Extremely healthy tips! It’s very important to follow a schedule in order to have success, but also to stay healthy and avoid being a boring person who stays all day in front of a computer. Fiverr can be a source of income if you don’t have a job or even have a job. You will earn a lot if you have a job+Fiverr. But that means having less time with your family, friends, love. The sport is also extremely important. I never skip my fitness running in the evening or the workouts.
  10. Fiverr progressed a lot since last year. It introduced new features for both sellers and buyers as well. I am very proud that I take part to this community and congrats, Fiverr for what you’re doing for us!
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