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  1. I don't mean to put a Flickr page in my gig, I'd rather put all evidence in my gig as pictures, or whatnot, but what I mean by using a Flickr pageis on my user profile description so that I show everything that I know how to do, for situations like special requests, such as "I saw in your description that you also do this, can you do that for me?", which can be great for something complicated jobs and not something that I'm not willing to constantly receive orders (if all goes well), and I can't obviously put in my gigs because there will be irrelevant information, Also I really don't see the use for me to use a PDF, now that you explained what you used it for, I might as well write my experience and history in my profile description (which I've done already).
  2. Thanks for your information, I would like to ask more specifically what would be expected out of a PDF?, I have plenty of portfolio stuff I can use, could I just put up a Flickr URL on my description? plus I will also make more specific examples for my gigs. Thanks
  3. Here are both my gigs: https://www.fiverr.com/users/blender_3d/manage_gigs/create-a-low-poly-3d-models-for-video-games/edit https://www.fiverr.com/users/blender_3d/manage_gigs/design-you-a-poster-in-less-than-a-week/edit
  4. TL;DR What I mean by my portfolio stuff is that it's not examples of low poly modeling, it's just realistic renders and stuff which are not fit for either of the gigs i currently have
  5. Hi, joined a whiles back ago but never done anything in respect, but just recently started to post some gigs. Right now I'm advertising posters/flyers and low poly 3d modeling. I do have lots of portfolio stuff but they are mostly blender stuff. I though there was a portfolio in (fiverr I know there is) but not like a dedicated section where I can upload other stuff, it's only gig portfolio and live portfolio for bigger sellers. I can't really put that content for what I'm selling right now because it has nothing to do with low Poly modeling or even posters. I just need few suggestions so that I actually get some clicks and maybe get some clients on either of my gigs. It's the first time I do freelancing, and never done things on commission really, just randomly people asking me for help on discord... But now I want to start to make real bucks. (even though it's a little) . Thanks!
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