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  1. Do you have any experience doing so? If so, should I reach out to the CS or directly message my manager?
  2. As a Seller Plus member for over a year, I find myself confronting some challenges with my success manager in the last 3-4 months. In particular, I am experiencing substantial delays in communication, often waiting a minimum of 48 hours for a response. Even Fiverr Customer Support seems to respond more promptly. When issues with clients arise, the delayed responses from my success manager often exacerbate the problem. By the time I get a response, situations have already escalated beyond control. Additionally, scheduling a meeting has become a cumbersome process, with a wait time of at least a month. I am curious to hear from other Seller Plus Members - is this a common experience? I make a conscious effort to reach out to my success manager only when absolutely necessary to avoid coming off as intrusive. However, on the rare occasions when I do need assistance, I often find that she is out of office, unresponsive, or replies after an inordinate amount of time. To be honest, I am contemplating reaching out to Fiverr Customer Support to request a new success manager. But before I do that, I would appreciate any insight or advice from other members about their experiences and how they have navigated similar situations?
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