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  1. I am a full stack web developer and my new client is looking for a way to collaborate my work with his developer's team on our new ongoing SAAS project. The thing is fiverr does not allow any communications outside fiverr. So he wants to invite me to the 'Slack' teams group and I refused by mentioning that it is not allowed. So is there any way to get around with this?? And can I ask permission from the fiverr to join the slack? since he wants a workplace like collaboration with his developers team.
  2. I have been on fiverr for the last 3 months and reach my 1st milestone 🚩 which is level one seller, but my selling badge is still 'new' , how many days it take to update? i have accomplished all the required things
  3. So does fiverr video call is able to screen share ? since i have slides to present
  4. My new client is almost agreed to work with me for a big fullstack project but they need to interview me by a zoom video call , so is it allowed ? fiverr has a video call? if it has it allow screen share for a slide?
  5. They didn't say anything , just removed the gig like its nothing
  6. My catagory is AI Coding and Development and i develop SaaS platforms that provide AI Applications as a service. So Where should i supposed to go?
  7. What things are affected because of these ? like ratings earning and ongoing orders
  8. I had a trending gig all 5 stars and fiverr suddenly removed my gig without warning or notifying me what's wrong with the gig. They say the category is not matched with the gig but they should notify me to change the category before removing. And also it shows disrespect to a freelancer
  9. I just want to know inviting a potential buyer by a video link in fiveer is allowed ?
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