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  1. Just finished reading it, they did not mention when will the winners be announce.
  2. Hey thankyou! i just saw it. It was below the page, very small and gray in color, really subtle lol
  3. It’ a notification from fiverr. So i think its legit 🙂
  4. *Calling all Logo Maker sellers: We’re giving you the chance to win a brand new iPad Pro, completely. free. of. charge. Anyone here who joined this contest? any idea when are the winners be announced?
  5. if you have recently cancelled an order, you need to wait 60 days for your gigs to get back to 1st page. This is just base on my experience
  6. This happened to me! Turns out you need to wait for a while for the system to update.
  7. Yeah thats what happened. thanks bud!
  8. Zero impressions but receiving orders and messages is strange to me. I know Gig Rotation as I’ve been there before.
  9. Thankyou! My gig is on the first page though. I received messages too. Really strange.
  10. My impression is around 4k per day, but suddenly drop to 0 just today. Is it just a bug?
  11. Did you receive a notification or an email that you are qualified? or it just appeared on your dashboard?
  12. did you receive an email saying that you are qualified to use the new feature ? or it just appeared on your dashboard? thanks :v:t3:
  13. Im level 2 seller with 2k+ reviews, all stats are 100% but sadly i dont belong. I think they select top rated sellers mostly. I lost my TRS 3mos ago 😭 Hoping to qualify soon!
  14. Welcome to the fiverr forum and your first forum violation :rofl: read [Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020]
  15. anyone here who does not have the feature yet? or only selected sellers are allowed to?
  16. Last year i had 3 cancellations and my gig was sent to the last page for 2 months. Due to past holidays and the spreading virus i had to cancel some orders and my gig was sent to the last page again.
  17. i got a mini heart attack lol. glad its just a technical issue
  18. Been there, try to improve your performance and avoid cancellations as much as possible. In my experience I’ve waited 60 days until i got back to 1st page
  19. Now it says “The Gig you were looking for is no longer available.”
  20. Hi guys, is anyone here experiencing the same problem as mine. 2 of my buyers cant prrocess the order and when i try to get to Help and support page, it just navigates to seller dashboard? Thanks!
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