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  1. So I've seen the torrents of complaints from sellers about spam on this website, but this cannot be the only solution. I have 50 active orders open, and I need to message all of them about my absence. And after 5 orders, this message pops up every time, which requires you to hold it down for 10 seconds, then wait for a page reload. Is anyone else affected by this? Is there any way to be added to a whitelist or something? I'm fairly sure it would only be new accounts that need this measure.
  2. I'm sad to hear this is such a problem. I often send out a lot of messages as I need a lot of people on my projects, and pretty much all of my messages get put into spam already. I assume this will only become more restricted
  3. This, and also they have an automatic flagging system anyway that @s support if you say something sus. Perhaps the trigger for that is what needs improving.
  4. This is not something that new members will know though, this is something you discover through using the site a lot. While this is true, most people don't have the time or money for this. Would it not make sense to add a watermark to it? Just like they do for image deliveries
  5. I receive this notification more than once per day, it doesn't go away! On mobile it's broken too so I'm stuck with it on unread. If you click it, it takes you to gigs that cost more than just buying a subscription to one of these AI platforms and just doing what they're offering myself. See for yourself: https://www.fiverr.com/recommendations/pages/upgrade_with_ai_page?page_info_id=50 Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. I guess I have a super power! 😉 I like to open them all and deal with the quick questions first, and then come back to the questions that need something a bit more. But you're right, opening 5 at a time is probably the best way to go. As a long time user it would be nice if they loosened the lead a little though!
  7. When I open fiverr I usually have a lot of notifications. I like to go through them all and middle mouse click them to open them all in a new tab, and then go through them one by one in each tab. It means that if I'm uploading an image or something in one chat and it's taking forever, I can switch to another tab and respond to someone else. I can also visually see how many more people I need to reply to. But I guess rapid opening of tabs triggers some kind of filter - I've started getting this more and more, it's quite disruptive to my work. I'm not a bot, I just use your service a lot.
  8. I looked up your username and your gigs are very generically named. https://www.fiverr.com/annijasmine If I search for "3 modern minimalist logo design for your business" I get over 200,000 results! Even if I were to narrow it down to level two sellers, there's still 21,321 listings Seller Level Top Rated Seller (863) Level Two (21,321) Level One (16,668) New Seller (168,584)
  9. Why does it do this? It should stick to the top of the screen. If you've just had a really long conversation with someone your finger must run a marathon to get back to your notifications
  10. I suppose just be careful how much emphasis you put on the 'honest' part. If you're not specifically advised to avoid just asking for 'feedback', I'd recommend saying that only. If someone insisted feedback be 'honest', some may misinterpret that as asking for criticism and put that in the review.
  11. Sellers always ask me to leave a review anyway, and no it doesn't make me annoyed - I understand how important reviews are. But the truth is, if I haven't left a review already it's because it wouldn't be 5 stars so I'd rather just not say anything! It's not worth making enemies over. When you ask specifically for an "honest" review, aren't you risking a worse rating? Most reviews on fiverr aren't as honest as they could be. When buyers browse your honest reviews, they're not going to know you asked specifically for them to be honest, so relatively speaking it makes your profile look worse if all your feedback is more critical than average. It depends what your end goal is, but wouldn't it be better to ask for private feedback in the inbox? For example, "how could I have improved your experience on this order?". Most people will probably come up with fluff, but maybe you'd get some useful feedback every now and again! Or simplify it further and put just one review. If you have something you want to tell the seller you can do so in the inbox lol I usually have about 50-90 active orders, each lasting a week or two - It's quite a lot of notifications! 🥲 Haha thanks! 🤣
  12. That's what I do anyway - but I usually have to ask them to disable the order requirements, otherwise I have to waste time filling out a big form with mandatory image fields and prompts etc.
  13. I agree, I also have a post about how large projects could be handled here: But as it happens, this project is quite compartmentalised - all 50 people don't need to talk to each other. The reason I ask for groupchats is so I can have someone else do my job (and I would just oversee).
  14. Oh ok cool! I always contact sellers first anyway. I think this is a good thing, I found it a bit crazy you could 'trap' a seller into completing your order. I thought you were saying we could now 'request custom offers' from sellers, in the same way they can offer custom orders to buyers
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