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  1. Hi ! Thank you so much for that very kind and detailed answer ! I'm gonna work on all of the things you said, and you're totally right about my profile, I'm gonna write something more appealing, same thing for the description of my gigs. Thanks a lot !
  2. Thank you, I already did earlier. And I’m already doing almost everything that is said in it, I worked a lot to build a demo video to show some quality motion design work, I looked at top sellers profiles doing the same things as me and modified my gigs and profile taking inspiration from them, I modified my description to make it more professional and "buyer-friendly", I added pictures even if it’s not that much relevant for a 2D animation gig, I lowered my prices to the minimum, I read a lot of tips but most of them are about being consistent when you have orders, which is not helpful when getting the first order is the real issue. I’m not saying that I’m doing everything perfectly, I’m saying that I feel like I applied already the tips that I’ve seen and I just don’t really know what I could do more to make my gig stand out and get the first orders. That’s why I came here to possibly get someone else advice on my gig to tell me if there was anything that I could improve 🙂
  3. So you don't see any particular issues with my gig itself ?
  4. Sadly I can't use fiverr promotion services since you need some reviews on your gig to do that 😔
  5. Thanks. I don't have enough followers on my social medias to have any impact regarding this fiverr gig, and I don't want to post anything else than my profesional illustration works on my Instagram What do you mean by "and Marketing" ?
  6. Hi ! I'm a new seller or Fiverr, i've created my first gigs 2 weeks ago, and none of them have received any orders yet. I won't ask a review of all of them, I'd particularly love to hear advices on my "Logo animation" gig, this is the one that I want to push as my "main gig". I created it more than a week ago and it received 68 impressions, only 1 click, no orders, and the impressions are stuck around 60-68 for days. I have a video with some of my work, I set the preview to something that I find appealing, I put 3 other pictures from the video, I wrote a description inspired by top selling motion designers on Fiverr, I lowered my prices to the minimum, put tags, I feel like i've done everything but it's still not working... The gig : Create a profesional hq logo animation for you by Sotto_art | Fiverr Thanks for any advice ! :)
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