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  1. You say you got a bad review because of his bad behavior. And you responded to bad behavior how exactly? With more bad behavior? We all get complicated clients, and you should speak to them and treat them the exact same way you treat your best clients. Being overly kind will go a long way with customer support - which for your profile, is on you.
  2. When I promote gigs it is very lucrative. Spending roughly $100 will earn me about $1500 in revenue. The real benefit I get from it is the recurring business. Once I sign a client I have about a 50% retention rate for multiple orders and repeat work. The trick for me is actually having Fiverr move my gigs to active in promotion. They constantly turn them off for "Quality Issues" (There are none) and I have to wait days, weeks or months for them to turn on. Once they are on though I will spend about $15 a day until they turn them off again. Which at that point brings in a plethora of new customers that turn into repeat clients and leaves me wondering why Fiverr doesn't want to promote my gigs even more to bring in more money to the platform lol
  3. I also float between repeat buyer constantly so even with a negative feedback from one client is valid enough to provide a suspension from my account to promoted gigs. Doesn't really seem like a logical way to run a business. If I do 250 jobs and receive 1 negative feedback, which was probably from the 1 negative review is grounds for termination from promotion. Seems like Fiverr doesn't really understand with doing business your always going to have a minimum of at least 1% of unsatisfied customers. It's unavoidable. I agree someone would say something different in private feedback but an overwhelmingly high positive feedback should outweigh it.
  4. So I am still fairly new to Fiverr I would say. Joined a couple years ago as a buyer but didn't really start selling until November. Took a couple of months to start getting consistent orders but by February of this year I hit level 2 seller and started promoting one of my gigs. This resulted in a huge upswing of jobs from the platform. So much so that from march through April I did about 28K in total revenue for those months. May was also very good but it started declining because in April Fiverr removed my gig from being promoted. Now that were in June basically all I am getting are a couple new clients here and there but have kept a great recurring client list that has supplemented a steady stream of sales. When contacting Fiverr they have no explanation to why my gig cant be promoted anymore and to just keep doing a good job and hopefully it comes back. All of my analytics are perfect on my profile and my gigs. 1 Hour response time 5 Star average rating 99% Completion 100% Inbox response 100% delivered on time Furthermore under my gig anayaltics I am in the top 10% of CTR and Conversion rate for almost all my gigs. 3 of my gigs I am in the top 1% of conversion rates. 180 Reviews total with 175 being five stars, 4 four stars and 1 one star. I just had another gig cross all of the requirements for being able to promote yet, nothing.... Really just trying to understand what possible quality issues Fiverr could have against me and my profile that causes them to want to suppress me. In April before they shut off my gigs I had started making explainer videos on youtube promoting Fiverr and had let go of my other work to do Fiverr full time. Now I am scrambling to get my site active and also investigating platforms like Upwork. I even ran a couple of ads on social media to promote my gigs and got some sales but having to pay a CPA that is double of what I would pay to send traffic to my own site doesn't make much sense. Which I am also working on to get finished at the moment. Are any other top talent out there experiencing having their promoted gigs turned off for no reason and with no help from support?
  5. Don't listen to anyone telling to promote your gig outside of fiverr. If you pay to promote your gig outside of fiverr then send the traffic to your own website. No reason to take a double CPA on a client.
  6. Your not alone. This is happening to fiverr pros everywhere, including me. Something is off in their algorithm. They don't seem to be fixing it though.
  7. I feel like I am experiencing the exact same thing. Was making massive grounds as one of the top producers on fiverr and then my account just got shadow banned out of nowhere with no explanation. Support isn't helpful and it doesn't make any sense. What did you do to get your account eligible for promotion again?
  8. Experiencing the exact same thing. Said I couldn't promote my gig anymore and then all of my gigs dropped to almost nothing in impressions. Straight shadow banned with no reasoning or answer. Went from 7K impressions a day to 0 overnight. Never have I had a negative review or any bad analytics. Whatever fiverr is doing is messed up. 100 5 star reviews in 3 months and now I'm shadow banned with no answer.
  9. About 3 days ago I noticed that my gig couldn't be promoted anymore and submitted a ticket asking why. Support helped about as much as they normally do, not at all. My main gig went from about 5K impressions a day to basically 0 now. Not just that gig but all my gigs have dropped to almost nothing. Mind you i have 99% anyalitics in all categories including delivery, response rate etc. My account has 113 5 star reviews and 2 4 star reviews. Was producing about 15-20K a month in jobs and now I'm expecting that to drop significantly. None of this makes sense. It literally looks like someone at fiverr said shadow ban this account and it was done. I have repeat clients and have earned the repeat buyer badge so I will still get work but it's looking like I need to get my own store launched here quickly. Does fiverr not want more revenue for the platform. Why shadow ban me when most of my reviews say I am the best UGC creator on the platform. What gives?
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