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  1. Hi @vickieito, Can you share a screenshot of my profile, please? When I look at the profile view, it shows it takes me 3 days to respond. I just don't understand why it shows that if my seller account is new. 😔 Thanks for responding!
  2. I just set up my Seller account a few days ago. Right after I set it up, the dashboard showed that my inbox response rate was 57% and my inbox time was 12 hours. No customers tried to contact me at that time because I had just setup the account. I started getting messages in my spam inbox and was immediately notified. Even after I immediately responded to these messages (which were actually spam), my profile shows that it takes me 3 days to respond which is not true. Again, I have immediately responded to spam inquiries and I'm regularly logged in to my account on my phone and computer and my notification is on. As a matter of fact, all the statistics are off as I haven't been hired by any buyers. Why are the dashboard and profile showing statistics that aren't true? I'm never going to gain buyers with this type of false information on my profile.
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