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  1. I mean, as a web developer, I am perfectly able to add a shut-down backdoor in case they refuse to pay me. now your main page shows: "I did not pay the developer who built this site" ...good luck finding someone to fix it. Perhaps I need to start including this.
  2. ALWAYS eat yellow snow, it might be beer.
  3. Vincere potes, Hannibal. Victoria uti nescis You know how to win, Hannibal. You don't know how to use the victory
  4. In my experience, hate-speech happens when everything else has failed. On platforms where spam and fraud are prevalent, it becomes the next step. Part of the reason is that lax moderation creates a sense of anything-goes. Combine this with frustration (from the spam) and you get hate-speech. It becomes extra hard to enforce as people are used to see others get away with anything. So if you are serious about getting rid of hate-speech, you need to start a clean-up of all the other stuff.
  5. Yeah new-ish is the right word. I registered a while ago, but I haven't really added anything to my profile or put up any Gigs before today. That said, I'm excited to get started. I have a job that pays the bills but eventually I want to do my own thing. My employer knows this, so there is no conflict of interest. Funny how telling the truth upfront about what you want is often the easiest way. My theory is that gig-work would suit me as I am much of a jack-of-all-trades. If you want a web site up by next week with everything from database to design, that is a gig. That is what I want to do If you need someone to optimise your server-performance, that will probably be a long time commitment. Anyway It it is a bit of a jungle on this site, but as soon as I get things sorted out, I hopefully will get some interesting projects.
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