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  1. You are right sara ! the money has gone ! Client already stolen my FB store system ! He was frequently changed all the credential password and withdraw the money from customer care help. Later after customer care replying me a Sorry : that they have no such kind of rules to stop a fraud client. Here Fiverr Must look after about sellers protection. Felt slow down in mind…
  2. Recently I got a new order on fb custom store design and payment integration. I have done hole the work , created the dashboard. Next in delivery section buyers took all the access password, ID, demo video and after one day simply raise a reason that he is not satisfied and cancel the project from fiverr customer care. And taken the project money back. Is it the fiverr system ? Without verification of my work or the system that I have made perfectly how can customer care people cancel the project!!! Here as a seller feeling very unsafe about fiverr resolution section. My hard working money is gone ! Regarding the issue I have mail two times to customer care but they do not have fair answer. because fiverr have no such kind of resolution policy for a true sellers. Please help me friends if you words can bring my hard working money back…
  3. I love it !!! because if there have any issue on particular Gig then forum people can view and advice on the particular Gig. I don’t think it is annoying or making some big promotion on forum. here new seller will be get much more help regarding there problems…
  4. How to I will get payment if a Clint do not review ! The client use the full services (Social Media Marketing --three day package). But Today he making sounds different where as my keywords setup and Ads design, Paid Ads setup every things earning good amount of traffic and likes on his facebook page. Now he is replying if sells happen I will review you. Now he trying to escaping the payment by any reason. So in that case how can I will get my service payment! Is fiverr Have any solution for this type of conflicts? where in My Gigs I have boldly mention on FAQ “Facebook page manage & marketing is not a warranty sells service. It is the service where your page viewer / traffic will be increase for your store / products.” Please help me !
  5. Hello friends! try to attend the “Buyer Requests” section every time you will get some positive news
  6. Hello everyone! I am always keep confidence about my services! Because every new client as like my guest ! I know people would like to see ratings…! Yet I would like to say experience Once my service or get your money back! Because my previous client was delayed to submit her project doc and the project mark as delay to deliver. So my fiverr rating get down 100% to 67% ! Here I don’t feel un-comfort because it was not my fault! Yet also I can’t say client’s fault! because some how she was busy too. In that type of case be your self confidence about your Gigs! about your services! Because you are offering the world to experience your finest service to test… And here Fiverr is the best platform to show your impressive services for a new client… http://www.fiverr.com/s/a4ujro
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