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  1. Hello everyone

    I'm a video editor. My gig are are related to video editing. I want to change on of my gig. So if i change my gig will the gig loss its position? When i search my gig it always show in 2nd page

  2. Bro, it been almost 2 years of experience of video editing. But now its like i'm just wasting my time here
  3. Bro, it been almost 2 years of experience of video editing. But now its like i'm just wasting my time here
  4. 3 month ago i create my fiverr account, sitll dont get any order. I guess now its time for stop my journey here 🙂
  5. I still dont get any review, what should i do for the review?
  6. Saying your name & where you're from don't get you a order. You should increase your gig impression. And also don't just wast your time to active all time in online. Active online also cant give you any order.
  7. Fire service people are asking other people how to put out a fire, lol
  8. It all about your skills. Which thing you can do better that service you can provide.
  9. If you're looking for ways to get more orders on fiverr, here are five of the easiest methods: 1. Use relevant tags and keywords. Make sure your Gig includes relevant tags and keywords so that it can be easily found by potential buyers. 2. Offer a unique service. stand out from the crowd by offering a unique service that others don't. This could be something like a custom design service or a gig that's delivered particularly quickly. 3. Provide samples of your work. Most buyers will want to see examples of your work before they place an order, so make sure you have some samples available on your Gig page. 4. Offer discounts for repeat buyers Consider offering discounts to buyers who purchase multiple Gigs from you, as this could encourage them to place larger orders in the future. 5. respond quickly to inquiries Be sure to reply promptly to any messages or inquiries you receive, as this will show potential buyers that you're responsive and easy to work with.
  10. Yes, but now the order its not too much, thats why the brief is only working for the top rated & level 2 sellers
  11. Its dry time, brief is working now for the top rated & level two sellers. Even though i also dont get any brief
  12. I create my fiverr account about 1 month ago, still don't get a single order 🙂
  13. Probably those tag aren't that much closer to you job.
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