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  1. Thank you, that is very informative.
  2. I do have just one question unrelated to this topic though. What is fiverr's policy for selling AI generated art? Since topic of licensing AI art is still up for debate, can people sell AI generated art on the platform at this time? [mod note: post split//moved/merged into relevant topic.]
  3. There's no need, I already talked to the customer support a long time ago and got all the answers I needed. If you want some insight on the issues in the platform you can just go through this very thread and comments from users who have raised their concerns over removal of buyer's request. As for me, the last time I talked to the customer support I haven't had any matches, so my questions were based on that. But I did get matches later ( even though they were wrong matches ) so I have no new questions for you.
  4. Don't believe any of the BS about briefs from any user who is level 2 or above since matching algorithm won't work for you as it works for them because of their high level and/or premium features. You can check if their suggested "methods" work if you want to, or you can just look at all the comments from sellers that have same level as you and what problems they are facing and how these methods "helped" them. The bottom line is, anyone you see here who is advocating for briefs ( despite it's long list of blunders ) is in the position to benefit from it. You just have to ask yourself one simple question before following anything, which is, Are you in a similar position as that person? Because everything on fiverr is governed by the stats and that includes brief matching too.
  5. @markp What you said is similar to the answer customer support gave at this matter. But since we as a user can't tell what factors are being used by the developers, we can only see the results of said algorithm. And the result is currently as you quoted from my reply ( based on the comments of other people on this forum having different levels ). You still didn't get the irony in that? All I did so far is repeating your words to you 😄 Nobody in this thread, surely. But I am talking about those who came here stalking me from that other thread. All three of them ( not catwriter ) were trying to sell how good briefs are compared to BR on that thread, even though they claimed it themselves that most of the matches they get are wrong and how they don't use/need it. 😄 When I asked about how there were no sub-categories to chose from in "game art" when I posted a brief ( not being specific enough is probably one of the reason of getting wrong matches I think ) that vickiespencer even tried to falsify the data by posting screenshots from a completely different category. Literally her first comment on this thread is false since I never once said that level 1 don't get matches in any of my comments on any thread 😄 Of course I agree. Most of the BR were low budget grunt work if not repeat requests and self promotion. But It did help many new sellers get their first order and review. With briefs, that option is gone that's why you can see so many inquires from new sellers. So you can understand why so many new sellers are asking for Buyer's Request but what's really funny is how these TRS are fighting tooth and nail for Briefs that they are coming over from other threads even after one week. 😄
  6. Isn't this your reply to the topic where @vickiespencer was trying to tell me how briefs are better as she posted a request and matched with a level 1 and level 2 sellers ( something she quoted here too ) and I was telling her about what I found when I posted THREE briefs and what I found? I am not that proficient in understanding sarcasm but clearly your comment was not for praising Buyer's requests, then WHY IS THIS YOUR pitch on a topic where we were discussing benefits of Briefs? People were talking about getting wrong matches/unrelated match and spams/self promotion in the briefs my dude. I was talking about how "as a buyer" the briefs force you to go for higher budget in order to get matches ( I even posted screenshots ) and the spams/ wrong matches are still there so regular search on fiverr is better. Why you leaving out the context BROOOOOOOO, why? Yes and following someone on public forums for no obvious reason, that's exactly what stalking is, friend. 😭 Sorry if you found my attitude horrendous, I match the vibes of the person I am talking to in my replies to them. I even use the words they used to make it even more apparent 😄 Your conversation ( and of the others who followed me here ) on every thread starts with "never used it" to "Tried it out from time to time" to "I have the experience of using it hence what I said is correct and what you said is wrong" ( This last one is not for you it's for @vickiespencer who quotes I matched with level 1 and level 2 everywhere ). Yes, but did you also read the next line though? Why omit it? My next line was "my gigs are very generic and there are hundreds of others doing the same thing so it's easy for the AI to not match me, plus I work only on holidays" But my level 2 friend's profile comes on first page in fiverr search, gets inquiries/orders consistently but still hasn't gotten match. To which TRS response was to update SEO and keywords etc. Which I told him, I told the same to others on different thread where no one was replying to them and to @strategist_ceo here. IT ISN'T. that's why I stopped commenting on that topic about a week ago 😄 It's you and the other three who followed me here to "discuss". I am just replying to you because I find it rude not to reply at all. Look at my latest reply to the new seller who was asking the same question ( who no one replied to btw ), Isn't that EXACTLY what you and the experienced sellers were saying? It didn't take 5 pages. I have a very small comment per day limit, you make about four times the number of comments than me just to say the same thing. I don't think you have actually got more interesting stuff to do 😄
  7. Yes, I NEVER once said that I have a problem of not getting matches myself, @catwriter already told you about why I don't get matches. I clearly explained it multiple times over on that thread and here too. I just told you I haven't even updated my gig pics since I created the account, why would you think I said my account is "polished". I pick up the work only on holidays, that's only about a week or two worth of work in a year. You went through all those comments but you didn't read a single one, did you? I am telling YOU that instead of wasting time looking at other's profiles just so that you can argue, you should focus on your own profile since you "are on fiverr since a long time for full time", "you claim to be using the full tools available", "you have an optimized account" and "are a higher level than me" BUT STILL ARE NOT GETTING MATCHES. That's what's called FAILING. You realize that you found out about your brief rate was too high ONLY because I TOLD YOU to check your own profile, otherwise you would have been busy crying around trying to find ways to argue with people.
  8. Matching system is still not perfect ( according to the top rated sellers ), It still gives lots of wrong matches for the briefs and sellers end up rejecting it. Those buyers will still look for freelancers to do the job. The only good option for that is currently the normal search on fiverr. So you should focus on getting noticed in the search. Look up your own job on fiverr search and find which page your profile shows up. Try updating your gig description and title to relevant category so that the right people can find your profile, and try updating videos and gig pictures on your profile so that they click and ask you about your job. You can look up tutorials about SEO optimization if you want, I don't know much about it myself.
  9. Congratulations, now you are doing the spamming with the new AI technology since the briefs don't match most of the time ( according to the TRS ) 😄 I think getting matches and then not doing the work is also called NOT doing work, since buyers gets to see one or two matches at a time ( which is you ) and you are not doing the work ( since it's not actually what you do ) hence no work is done. Only if you deny the facts and call truth, hypocrisy. ( which you are doing by calling others entitled and yourself "my right" for doing the same thing since level dictated the number of BR visible and number of offers you can send in the old system too ) So you are saying buyer's request was against the rules? If not, why are you against the people who used buyer's request when it was part of fiverr. You are against one service model and pro another when you claim to have used neither. If everyone knew everything, why would there be any need for questions? I just find it funny that those who claim they have queue full of orders are so diligently defending their free meal ticket that is briefs ( even jumping in from other threads, right @vibronx? ), because buyer's request was basically the same but it actually took some effort from your side. 😄 But your opinion about BR was " horrible experience" and about briefs was " the best" just a few days ago, how did it go from best to no opinion. Is this also one of those things where you claim to have never used it but you still "have the most experience" about it, even more than those who do use it? 😄 I think so too, so STOP FOLLWING ME from different threads. You jumped in on my conversation in that other thread and you jumped in here too. If you actually believe in anything you just said then at least act like it. I am sorry, I can't respond to comments like this separately since I CAN'T SPAM comments like you TRS, because of the daily limit on number of comments. Kind of like BR don't you think? 😄 But your fellow TRS are saying it's the best thing ever, what's there not to like? 😄 Maybe they can tell you how it's the best, like they are trying to tell others. Once again, thank you for your advice. This is the same advice TRS gave me and I think it would work ( not in getting matches though but getting noticed in fiverr search ). That's why I passed this advice along to that other person who wasn't getting any reply from anyone. I would like to advise you to do the same since you are higher level than me, have multiple active gigs, think that your gigs are well polished but still are not getting matches. But isn't that exactly what you are doing though? You are snooping around on different threads, looking at which threads I responded to, doing all the exhausting work of going through the comments and in the end posted the EXACT SAME thing to which I already agreed with you in literally my first reply to you. So all of you just go around on different threads, pretend to not know/need/use the option and then explain your "experienced advise" about how to use it? I didn't tag you here, yet I see three of you from that other thread doing the same charade here. This @vibronx guy is saying he "doubts he will ever use Briefs" yet he was literally writing essays on benefits of briefs over BR in the last thread 😄
  10. Of course, he doesn't depend on it, you never needed it, the TRS never used it but still for some reason everyone is unanimously against buyers requests ( which they never used ) and pro briefs ( which they claim they don't use ), very interesting Thank you for that, I would like to repeat my reply from that thread too. I also posted THREE briefs with exactly same description but different budgets. The one with lower than fiverr's suggested budget didn't get any match outright, the one with closer to lowest suggest budget was posted but didn't get any match, the one with higher budget got matched with level 2 seller who was a wrong match. I also posted screenshots of my findings unlike you. And there are hundreds of new sellers asking the exact same question of not getting matches, plus I never once said that level 1 sellers don't get matched. You seem to insist on withholding the data that doesn't suit you. Nice 😄 But you are against buyer's request which required work ( sorting through all posted jobs and sending offers ) and pro briefs ( which matches based on keywords, seller stats and level and doesn't require you to do anything hence are essentially free job offers ) even though you claim to never rely on or use either. And think who worked to get order through BR are entitled/golden meal ticket but those getting the same via matches from AI without going through all that aren't? Do I sense a bit of hypocrisy from you? 😄 I think you can, you are just refusing to learn 😉 Thank you for that analysis, I have already explained in detail why I think I have not received any matches you can ask @catwriter or visit that thread for yourself. My comment is about new sellers and for new sellers who are looking of answers. I haven't even changed my gig pics since I created this account. Even though I suggested others to do seo optimization and keyword changes ( which is not my idea, it's just something the TRS has suggested ) I don't know how to do it myself since that is not my field. But your profile says you are a "business strategist" and devise "wining plans for growth" yet you being a level 2 ( lower chance than TRS but still higher chance of getting matches than level 1 ) haven't received any match either? Does that mean your profile has worse optimization and is less polished than mine? 😄 Exactly! That's all I said, why all this fuss? I think @catwriter already answered that. My problem is with neither. Maybe all of you don't know this ( since you all claim to have never used buyer's request ) but there was a big gap in buyer's request based on seller level too. As a new seller I could see only 2-10 requests each day, as a level 1 I saw over 400 requests to chose from and send offers. Higher level means higher perks ( like more active gigs, more visibility on fiverr search, early withdrawals, etc. )Same is with briefs, TRS gets matched more often, level 2 a little less, level 1 even less ( I haven't seen any myself but I believe they do ) and I haven't seen any new seller getting any match ( based on the comments on this forum and customer support ). My problem is with people ( mostly TRS ) giving out false claims and sass to new sellers who are trying to start their career. As a new member on this forum I get very little comment per day. I am putting my effort into raising my level here so I can reply to you . 😉 Yes, it was quite exhausting to ask TRS about this topic. 😄 You can see all those long questions amounted to nothing because they kept contradicting their own statements and circling back on every topic. But it wasn't all in vain, you can see my answer for the same question to others in different threads, I basically told them exactly what TRS said and it didn't take 5 pages 😄 😄 No one bothered to answer their question so I told them what TRS told me.
  11. But aren't TRS and level 2 sellers getting free matches though ( even if the job doesn't match their gig ), seems like entitlement to me. Of course you don't have any complaints, you would have had complaints if you weren't getting free matches. 😄 You mean more effective for high level sellers like TRS and level 2, since the brief feature is highly governed by seller level. I can bet if you made a duplicate of your best gig on a new account you will never get a match.
  12. The new brief feature highly favors top rated sellers, as a new seller you won't be getting any matches anytime soon. Better try optimizing you gig seo and keywords to get noticed via fiverr's normal search. I haven't encountered a single new seller who got matched. Only Level 2 and TRS are getting matches at a reliable rate, so much so that their "matches" don't even match their gigs.
  13. The new brief feature highly favors top rated sellers, as a new seller you won't be getting any matches anytime soon. Better try optimizing you gig seo and keywords to get noticed via fiverr's normal search to get noticed. I haven't encountered a single new seller who got matched. Only Level 2 and TRS are getting matches at a reliable rate, so much so that their "matches" don't even match their gigs.
  14. Fiverr is just doing that to squeeze as much money as possible from buyers and nothing else, since the new brief feature suggests you a budget range ( which is usually higher than what people posted on buyer's requests ) and tells you there are NO matches if you put in a lower budget. If you put in a higher budget, it matches you to a high level seller ( e.g. TRS get matched more, level 2 get matched less times and new sellers hardly ever ) that will ask for higher price and fiverr gets more commission as a result. As for scammers and spamming goes, you can see how many sellers ( who do get matches ) are complaining about fake self promotion briefs and wrong matches. 1. Different levels are NOT in the same position, hence so many queries. 2. If you haven't used it, why are you against it without any knowledge? 3. You built your business from bottom up doesn't mean you will oppose others who are building their business. Buyers request DOESN'T come your way, you have to work for it by browsing through all the posted request and sending your offer to selected buyers and talking to them, since there was a lower maximum limit to how many offers you can send if you are a new seller. They can't spam bids to everyone like TRS.
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