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  1. Yep you can do always edit your gig but dont do it if its already ranked
  2. You can edit your Fiverr gig as many times as you need to make improvements or updates. But do not edit a gig that is already or is being ranked.
  3. So sad😢 Update your gig and profile, and actively engage in social marketing efforts.
  4. Hello, ensure that your gigs are thoroughly optimized, and that your tags and keywords are highly relevant. Price your services competitively, offering rates slightly better than your competitors. Maintain excellent communication with potential clients. Securing your first order may be a bit challenging initially, but with persistent effort and dedication, you will achieve success in due time
  5. Refrain from discussing financial matters or external payments in your message.
  6. You can subsequently adjust your prices to align with your requirements.
  7. Keep connected and spread the word about your gig on various social media platforms.
  8. The color of ads setup text has dark, you can see it with white or other color
  9. Select the perfect services gig, craft captivating gig titles and descriptions, incorporate stunning images and videos, establish competitive pricing, optimize gig tags and keywords, boost the visibility of your gigs, stay engaged and responsive then and try to do daily social media gig marketing. Best of Luck
  10. Do proper keyword / tag research , then make eye caching gig title, image and pdf for using mocups, and description and after upload your gig you need to do social media marketing .
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