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  1. I love the Fiverr app… it’s a great way to keep on top of my Fiverr messages, orders, etc. However, I really wish they would make it so that we could customize the notification sound. It just uses the generic iOS notification sound, and I don’t believe there’s a way to change it. If I’m wrong, please let me know how to customize it! If I’m right, is there any chance this functionality could be added to the app? A sound that’s unique to Fiverr would be fine… or the ability to use any custom sound… Does anyone else have the same wish? Cheers 🙂 Rob. themaritimer
  2. This is happening to me right now… My Orders page is not updating. I delivered an order to a client, and it took about 30 minutes before it showed as “delivered” on my orders page… okay, so a little delayed, but I can live with that… However, an order I received 3 hours ago is still not showing up in my orders list. The only way I can get to it is to go find it in my notifications (where it says I received an order), and click through there. It then shows that the countdown started 3 hours ago, but there is no sign of it in my orders list. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. When I became level 2, I didn’t notice any difference in the number of inquiries or orders… it didn’t increase or decrease that I could tell. However, I do notice that business tends to be cyclical… there are times of increased activity, and times of decreased activity… but over the course of 1 year, it seemed to balance out. That is, I seem to be having the same amount of activity now as I did months ago. The only advice I can give is to stay on top of your gig description and pricing. Make sure your description is relevant, and periodically make changes as your business changes. You could also adjust your pricing down, or decrease your delivery times in periods of slow sales/inquiries… and when things get too busy, that’s when you can stretch your delivery times longer and possibly increase some of your prices. Don’t treat your gig as “once it’s set, leave it forever”… you should constantly be making adjustments to it. I hope that helps! Rob. themaritimer
  4. If it said pending until Jan 4, then I would look for it on Jan 5. Patience 🙂
  5. The response rate shown on your Fiverr page is an “average” of your responses… not just your latest response. So you have to be responding as fast as possible at all times, and then in time, your everage response rate that Fiverr shows will go down. Rob themaritimer
  6. I watched your gig video and it was good. My only advice is as follows… Try being more specific in describing what you do, and tailor your gig offer to one specific task. This might mean creating new gigs that only focus on one thing. What I mean is, your gig currently offers “Data Entry” and covers a wide array of services (Excel data, Word typing, PDF creation, file conversion…). Instead of having 1 gig that covers all those things, maybe you should have multiple gigs that each focus on just one thing. In other words, create a separate gig for Excel work, another gig for file conversion, another gig for Word typing. If you aren’t convinced, then think about how people will find you. If someone comes to Fiverr and wants to hire someone to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a PDF, their search terms will probably be something like: “convert excel to pdf” “export spreadsheet to pdf” … Now, if they’ve just searched for those terms, which of the following gigs do you think they will more likely click on: Gig 1: “I will do any type of data entry work” Gig 2: “I will convert your Excel spreadsheet to PDF” I think you’d agree they are more likely to select gig #2 because it’s title more closely matches what they searched for. Also, if you are super specific in your gig offer, pricing that gig becomes easier as well. I hope that helps… good luck! Rob. themaritimer
  7. Congratulations on making it to the first page! Now, as far as getting orders from it, there are a few things you can try: Gig video - do you already have a gig video? If not, I highly recommend making one and replacing your main gig image with a video. Gigs with videos convert at a much higher rate than gigs without videos. Try lowering your prices OR reducing your delivery time - if you’re already making it to the first page of search but not seeing results, it may be your pricing. Try lowering your price, at least in the beginning, until you start getting results and some positive reviews. Once you’re established, then you can try raising your rates back up. I hope that helps! Good luck 🙂
  8. “Unlimited revisions” is a dangerous piece to put in your gig description. I would suggest NOT putting that in, unless the work you do is not subjective. For example, if what you do is as simple as adding text to an image and the client tells you what font, font size and color to use (leaving no room for error), then perhaps you can use “unlimited revisions”… because the chances of them having to ask for a revision is very low. However, if you are a designer of logos, then I definitely would not say “unlimited revisions”, since the delivery of a job like that is highly subjective… there is a good chance that their vision of what they’re looking for doesn’t match your vision. The chances of them asking for revisions in this case is quite high. That’s my advice. Good luck 🙂
  9. I too am having the same issue getting notification sounds on my iPhone 8. I tried uninstalling the Fiverr app and reinstalling it, I tried rebooting my phone, and nothing seems to work. I am getting notifications with sounds for other apps, but for Fiverr I am only getting the notifications popping up on my phone screen… but with no sound. If this is indeed a Fiverr app issue (and it seems that it is), I hope it gets resolved soon. What would make this “hopefully” temporary issue a much easier pill to swallow however, is if when they release a bug fix for this, they also give us the ability to CHANGE THE NOTIFICATION SOUND!!! I would absolutely love to be able to get alerted in a different way than the standard iphone notification sound… ideally be able to add my own ring tone to it. Please?? 🙂
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