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  1. I just found today, go on your gigs page, where you see impressions and clicks.. look right above the impressions, there is a green button, to choose whether you want briefs or not, and beside it it says 'set the rate'. Apply the minimum amount of money you want to get briefs for, so this is the minimum pay that you would deliver to a brief for😊
  2. It's hard for me to say, because i come from total different field (audio recording) but think about what your revision would look like, realisticaly. Is it more like doing almost everything again from the start or is it just like some touch-ups, little changes. I would charge around the amount of new work to be done in % of the full price of the order.
  3. Please tell more what field you work in, what does your gig include, so that we know what the revision would actually be. To guess the good price for revision, we have to know what your price is on your gig order.
  4. I have a question @frank_dabout this screenshot you added. I recently found out what a Pro verified gig is, and i wonder how come there is no orders on yours, despite having loads of impressions? Was it a glitch or was gig fairly new? May i ask in which niche are you selling? I'm trying to understand all this so excuse me if i dig too deep😆
  5. I would like to add my perspective on 'Unlimited revisions' after I read all of the comments above. Im a small seller in vocal recording/singing and i changed my revisions from 2 or 3 to unlimited about a year ago. I did gain orders, not the same second tho, but revisions never went to more than 2 so far anyway. In my perspective im like, if i would be buying, i would be calm that even if the vocals or song will not be what i needed, i have plenty of deliveries available. Higher chance of ordering. Unlimited works for me, because with vocals are orders so specific, like exact song cover or parody with their lyrics, that they get the same thing over-and-over, with different quality or vocal composition etc. They wouldn't get another song cover, like they would at art pieces as somebody above mentioned. What do you think about this kind of use for unlimited revisions? I am only sticking to it because i haven't yet have a bad experience with someone abusing this option. Thanks for any answer!
  6. Hej there! Is this Swedish? I am a beginner at voice overing and narrating and am more of a singer on Fiverr for now. I just moved to another country and have new setup and equipment now, so i have to update my Fiverr gig and materials, video presentation etc. I listened to everyones audio files and they are very professional! Where do you guys usually take the background music from, which site? Tack!
  7. I think it will be automatic. But it might take a while. Don't worry, your impressions probably didn't drop at all 🙂
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