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  1. I have not heard about that before it never sounds good, but mind you it not allowed to use foul language here I am just advising you to stop this kind of language
  2. Hi everyone, My name is tutu I wanted to share my experience on Fiverr with you all. My first experience was very positive, as I received my first order for $250 and was extremely happy about it. It was a great feeling to see that my skills and services were in demand and appreciated by a buyer. However, I also had a less enjoyable experience when I received my first cancellation. It was a disappointing moment for me, and it caused my account to be deranked for three months. This was frustrating, as it meant that my account would not be as visible to potential buyers and I would potentially miss out on future opportunities. Despite this negative experience, I learned a valuable lesson from the cancellation. It turned out that the buyer did not like the way I communicated with them, and I had not explained the full details of my service before they placed the order. This led to misunderstandings and ultimately led to the cancellation. To all the Fiverr sellers out there, I recommend explaining the full details of your service to buyers before they place an order to avoid any misunderstandings. It is important to have clear communication and to set expectations with buyers to ensure a smooth transaction and to avoid cancellations. I would also love to hear about your experiences on Fiverr. Have you had any positive or negative experiences that you would like to share? Please leave a comment below and let us know.
  3. Hmmm it the advice I got from other sellers I believe it will work I am also working on it
  4. I agree with you the situation of brief is really bad 😞
  5. Try social media scouting and build brand online
  6. I have been facing bad time on fiverr however I got some advice from sellers like.me to try to promote on social media but the result was really bad 😞😔 when I try to message people to explain my services to people I think they might need it most of them don't reply some will even call me scammer and report my account 😨 😢 it really bad pls if give me advice on this situation
  7. But people will call me scammers 🌚 I have tried social media before it is always make me feel bad when I was call scammer
  8. Indeed, staying online will not help but I believe it helps occasionally because buyers who searched on Fiverr might filter for online seller
  9. My clicks increase on daily basis and impressions. but i did not get messages or order pls can you give me advice of what to do
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