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  1. I am facing the same issue I am unable to create a new application for Fiverr pro. last application was more than a year ago.
  2. On the Earning page under your balance there is option " MANAGE PAYOUTS" where you can add any suitable payment method according your need. Thank you
  3. I submitted an application to Fiverr pro, in March of last year but unfortunately, it was not accepted now I want to reapply for Fiverr pro as now I think I am well fit in Fiverr pro, the criteria and when I try to submit again Fiverr pro application it is not let me in,Can you please assist me with what should I need to do about that? And what are the key points that I should need to follow while re-apply for Fiverr pro? Thank you
  4. I get a lot of questions from juniors that after level 1 and level 2, they did not get the orders and faced problems. According to my experience, what I face and what I suggest to all sellers below are some tips 1- Engage your current buyers with their work and offer extra services and make them repeat with your excellent communication and working skills. 2- Keep sending buyer requests. 3- Always keep in mind your current order from the new buyer is not last, try to convert them into a repeat. Once you get the repeated buyers you get new buyers. 4- Keep promoting your gigs on social platforms and get traffic. PS Online all time etc, tactics, do not make any effect.
  5. But In Pakistan, there is not much clarity on registering a company or limiting a company, but I am an Income Tax filer, but regarding paying taxes there is no clear way regarding Fiverr income taxes as, fiver income ups and down. So can I use Fiverr profile screenshots? in my documents? Also, I withdraw an amount in an official way, using my bank account.
  6. Can Fiverr earning source can be used as a regular income source (Primary Income source) in visa applications, in Pakistan Country? Have anyone experienced that.? Thank you
  7. try clearing your browser cache and login in again on your account. it happens to me as well but don't send many messages bit wait 2-3 minutes and the message will display.
  8. YES you can. Avoid duplication account and other fraud activities, otherwise all is good Thank you
  9. you need to send buyer requests regularly, and also improve your gig tag keywords, try to target micro words. with low competition Thank you
  10. Hi, hope you all doing well. I started working on Fiverr, for a long time, and in my journey, I faced a lot of ups and down but I never lose hope, in the difficult time, many times I feel hopeless, but when I have seen Fiverr, a new hope was created for me. I online all night send madly buyer requests, try try try try on each step, and one day I get the response, and then slowly due to good communication I got repeated buyers. And now almost 200+ Order completed and now I am very close to top-rated seller. So basically two things matter in my experience. 1- Try try Again and never lose hope 2- Excellent communication with the best quality services. Thank you
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