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  1. try to get past first 8 episodes 🙂
  2. It was resolved automatically after few hours
  3. Great achievement. Congratulations 👏
  4. Dear Tushar, I did not understand your concern! What's the problem if seller posts a buyer request? Seller can also be a buyer!
  5. Dear, Your query is not clear. You can attach screenshots and try to explain your issue in more detail.
  6. Even I faced this issue in past.
  7. It will definitely impact your profile. If it wasn't your mistake in cancellation then you can contact support and request them to review your order completion rate.
  8. Congrats. Thats a great achievement .
  9. I think there should be an option to reduce price of order once it is placed. Right now we can increase the price by offering extras in order but there is no option to reduce the price once order is placed. Why this is needed? - Recently I came across the scenario where I created the custom offer based on initial requirement of client but later due to third party dependencies client needed to cut down his requirements and he was expecting me to reduce the price. I was ready to reduce the price but there is no option to do it. I had an option to cancel the order and ask buyer to place a new order but that would have affected my order completion rate. Somehow I managed to deal with that situation but it was not easy. I think there could be n number of scenarios where buyer would want to reduce the price. So I think this option would be helpful. With proper analysis fiverr can think about this suggestion.
  10. I am also waiting for the same 🙂
  11. Sorry, it was your mistake to deliver the order before placing the order. Regarding watermark you can contact fiverr support.
  12. Poll was started before the match 🤷🏼‍♂️
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