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  1. More forum replay and post and get more buyer request. thanks
  2. What is the problem? Anyone give me solution about given issue. thanks
  3. I hope that you tried to publish the gig of digital market place. If you want publish this gig in fiverr market place , You must passed the English test then YOu will publish the gig.
  4. I'm a level two seller. Buyer request did not stay in my this section. When I reload my account then this request show and again reload this page then hidden this buyer request. Basically Problem face in logo design. Please help me this issue. thanks
  5. everyday you will try two time share your gig in social media
  6. Try to get your gig online and ans forum. and share you gig social media
  7. My gig fall down that way any client is not put order on my gig.
  8. I had level two seller nut now I’m new seller status on my profile. Fiverr new lever system to break dream of many people. I earned $300 past every month but now $0. I hate this system cause this system break my dream. I’m a poor man and have a family. I maintained the family but now ☺️ please help me and see my gig. thanks everyone.
  9. Just wait and see, what is the fiverr market place? I just talk you that Some people is eating with meet and good vegetable and other people see to eating. hahahah lol
  10. yes! I hope that fiverr technical team will solve this issu
  11. thanks everyone given to inform this this issue.
  12. If an will a technical ticket than fiverr support team solve my problem please info. thanks for replay
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