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  1. Yes, You can withdraw it of course
  2. It's a great feature if you need some extra cash, but this option will not stay there forever, it will disappear soon if you take it or not. Paying off is like If you do order for $100, normal you would make $80 but when you have taken cash advance fiverr will deduct extra 40% from your $80 earned so you end up with $48 ($32 is paid off for your cash advance automatically) It was not bad at all for me when I had it.
  3. After I paid off my cash advance in Feb I also instantly got the 'cash advance' button, which I clicked and tried to get cash advance again right then, my limit was increased as well but after I signed and procced it didn't go through and my button has been kind of disabled since which I cant click.
  4. I took a cash advance in Dec and paid it off in Feb but still don't have an option for another cash advance, my earnings and rating are the same as before nothing negative but still, it didn't appear yet again.
  5. Same here, On 16th Feb I paid my first cash advance full but still don't have an option for the second cash advance. It's automated so no one actually knows how long it exactly takes to be eligible for a second time. Let's hope we get it soon its a really good feature.
  6. It's automated Fiverr CS can't do anything about it, Some people get the option to get cash advance again after 2 3 days and some after 2 3 months and some never gets it again. Unfortunately no specific timeline for this.
  7. I paid my full cash advance 3 weeks ago and after that, my button has been like this too, I was hoping I could get it a second time but this sucks. cash advance should be credited instantly, contact customer service
  8. Hi, I paid my cash advance on 16th Feb but still don't have an option for the second cash advance. How long is it usually before we can get second?
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