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  1. Atleast we should have option if we want to opt for new design or want to stick with old one.
  2. Inbox conversations are Improved and updated, But I do not like it It create so much confusions. The message read area is too lessIf conversation not changed by one click, you will definitely sent a different message to different userits shrinkedMOST IMPORTANT - we should have option Either we want to switch to new interface or want to use the old one. Please share your thoughts
  3. You can use social media to spread your gig service use facebook twitter etc
  4. You can ask, But they will not remove it unless you have slid reason and approval from buyer
  5. First page impression does not mean sales. check the other sellers gig in same niche, and notice what they are doing or using and where you are competing with them .
  6. It seems you worked as a seller in past, and you have lower rating [ below 90%] Or you worked as a buyer and some sellers give you lower rating, which will be below 90%. The best option is to get some reviews, either by acting as a buyer Or create some gig and get some orders and do the best and get 100% rating. Imp Note- To make offers you should have an active gig.
  7. It seems that his/her account is closed either by CS or by himself. Its better to ask the Fiverr CS [customer support] Hope they will have solution
  8. @asufian97, you should say , Lets Share Together. 🙂 You can use Social Media to increase sales
  9. @paritoshcpo you can choose social media to share your gig. @graphicsdunia has also added valuable tips
  10. Staying online will NOT guarantee more orders. This is a terrible tip, and terrible advice. The only thing staying online will do, is allow you to respond to messages sooner – which may, or may not, lead to orders later on. Fast communication does not guarantee orders either. New sellers really need to stop posting this “tip” as a guarantee for more orders. It’s false. Incorrect, and leads to many new sellers complaining when this “guarantee” doesn’t come true. There are no sales guarantees by staying signed into Fiverr. Fiverr even states that that offer no sales guarantees at all, just because a seller has gigs on this site. Buyers will purchase from you – whether you are online or not – if they want to work with you. Also keep in mind, Fiverr is not a place where every buyer will send you a message before ordering. Some – a few – a minority – of buyers might message you first, but most will just place an order if they have need of your services. And finally, staying online has NOTHING to do with gig ranking. Nothing at all. You, and others… please stop sharing this false, and completely inaccurate “tip”. There are no sales guarantees of any kind on Fiverr, whether you are online or not. I am agree with you. To stay online will be only helpful to reduce response rate. or may be to get only a few orders, not that much imporessive
  11. Response time is counted for 30 days. So always try to response as soon as possible. It calculated for 30 days,
  12. Yes It means your impressions are decreasing. Green upmark means its increasing
  13. Hi You can do social media to spread your gig, like facebook twitter instagram etc also use the buyers request section. and when sales starts give your 100%
  14. But I don’t think so, I am using paypal and it only charge $1 per withdrawl
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