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  1. Hey @anniejenkinson thanks for your reply yes I tried to give a second withdrawal three hours after the first withdrawal
  2. When I transfer my fiverr personal balance to my payoneer account via bank transfer I'm facing this error message "Withdrawal was not completed. Please try again or contact Customer Support for more details." Note: I'm I tried another option which is "Fiverr Revenue Card" because of in my country not supported PayPal can anyone tell me why I'm facing this error message 😞
  3. Buyer can send email but it's only use for project purpose
  4. Best wishes to you hope you will get more and more order 🙂
  5. well said actually When we use FAQ the client gets a lot of confidence because from there the client finds his answer I think it's good option
  6. I have few questions about their job post when a buyer create a job post and mentioned their budget fixed With 5$ what about you think? if I increase my budget they are except my offer ?
  7. Yes it's work first of all find out which person need your service and make some offer for your social media clients Hope you will get good results
  8. It's not easy but when you property optimize your gigs and got few good feedback then your gig will be get first page
  9. This is not good enough tips to rank your gigs 🙄
  10. some-times it's happen without any reason but after a few days automatically come back same ranking position
  11. if there are a lot of competitors in what I like to do, is it better fore me to quit that sector?
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