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  1. New seller always try to provide a best work for build up their new profile. And they also try to satisfy their client for more work in future. So they work hard for their client.
  2. Great. To be a good buyer you have to good behavior with the seller. I think you are the kind of person who always helps the seller and gets the job done
  3. You can try to send 10 buyer request daily. Also you can share your gig on social media platform to right way. Hope you will get your 1st order quickly.
  4. You have to follow buyer requirements what they wans. Then you have to send buyer request properly.
  5. You have to write buyer request carefully that what he wants.
  6. Impression and click are very much important for getting more orders
  7. You can sent 10 buyer request every day and share your gig on social media platform in right way
  8. Should be optimize your Gig perfectly. Then You can share your account on social media and sent 10 buyer request every day. Hope it will be helpful for you.
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