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  1. yes it was, i had this issue agian and this time i had a better fiverr employee to tell me that, the last one wasnt usefull. thanks
  2. hello i had a small issue which i cant get clear answers too, i am a seller but also a buyer on fiverr and once i had an order as a buyer which i cancalled, i got a refund of the whole money to my balance and i kept it there in case i wanna use it for another seller. what happend was that a few days later a few cents were reducing from my balance money, and a few weeks later it was 1 dollar, not a few more cents that together it was 1 dollar, it was literally 1 full dollar. anybody know what this is? is this a fee? a bug? i contacted fiverr support but cant get a clear answer on what they say. here is their message: Kindly be informed that your Fiverr balance amount of $61.71 started reducing due to your refund for the order that you have cancelled. I can see that you used a self-help refund so it was refunded to you on your original payment method.
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