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  1. no problem but if you modify your gig title or description your gig will be lose current rank. must thanks to all
  2. you can try buyer request replaying
  3. do you have available rating to send buyer request? if not you can't send
  4. maximum new seller are not know that buyer request replay is a custom offer that you are offering to the buyer and you can't modify after sending offer or getting order so always remember when you send a buyer request. good luck
  5. If you get an order, then if you do not complete the job according the requirement, you will must get a bad reviews from buyer, as a result you can't send buyer request again (if you have not enough positive rating ) your fiverr carrier will be destroyed in introduction.
  6. I have 4 active gig and i am level 1 seller i don't find buyer request but find few number of buyer request that is not my gig related. I have not edit my gig.
  7. you are most welcome here, # try to stay online maximum time. # sent buyer request replay more and more you can get first order from here. # you will offer buyers high quality work in low price you can also offer unlimited revision. # offer to buyer "i will provide a free sample before place the order" because your client don't know about your talent. # gig image should be eye-catching that will impress a client. # describe all information about your work easily in your gig description. # always respect all the client. that's all good luck
  8. 1.At first you should to read the buyer request well 2.don't hurry up 3.detect,what are they want from you please remember the 3 point when you replay a buyer request, you will see you will be success. please never send buyer request without fully understanding and it will be very bad for you if you are not full understand the buyer request and try to attract buyers with tempering offer just to get the order. so be careful to send buyer request replay. good luck to every one.
  9. Hi you can flow mariashtelle1 instruction i think this is the best way to solve your problem thanks
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