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  1. And Wonder Woman and Captain America were key to that victory.
  2. You're buying with the wrong sellers. Definitely. You don't communicate with a seller to see how much he's going to charge you. That's already explained in their description and their three packages and in their FAQs. If you, as a client, don't read the whole description, the three different packages and the FAQ, is not the seller's fault, it's yours. You don't send a message to a seller to ask them, “how much are you going to charge me for this?”. You ALWAYS contact a seller before placing an order to: To know if the client is available to do what you're asking in the amount of time you need it. If you order something at 12:00AM, client's local hour, because in your country is 8:00AM, the seller is already losing 8 hours of a 24 hours delivery. Fiverr normally lets you know the seller local hour, but many times you, buyers, don't read it. So, for delivery times, it's better to always ask before placing an order: “are you available now?” Because a cancelation hurts seller profile. You can read that on the Fiverr's Terms of Service. To know if the client wants to do the job you're asking. A designer, a writer, a voice-over, or anybody, normally tell you “I'll handle the subject or topic you tell me” in their description, but clients might appear with a topic that you would have never imagined. Both sides need to be sure that are willing to work on that topic. Random example: "I want you to write me an 8000 article about the Berlin’s deserted ‘ghost’ airport in three days" it is definitely something to be discussed first, even if the sellers has a premium package of 8000-words in 3 days. You know, some topics takes more time. To know if the seller is still active. Random example: The seller had an accident and is at the hospital. The seller won't care at all to update their Fiverr profile. You would be ordering to an inactive person, you'll cancel and everything good for you, but you already hurt that profile. You never know what kind of emergency the seller could have. I could continue giving examples, but it's easier to communicate first with the seller. You wouldn't like a random client to place an order without discussing it with you first, believe me. Talking about your example: If you are ordering a 1000-words article, from a buyer that sells 1000-words articles at $50, and you ask him first, and they want to charge you $80, just say thank you and keep scrolling. You don't even need to say thank you, since they shouldn't be charging you extra. TL; DR: always contact the seller first.
  3. It depends on the country. Here in Latin American, studios are forcing people to go back to theaters. “Only on Cinemas”. Movies that are already available on streaming services in US or Europe, are only available on cinemas here, for at least three months. Let's add the fact that cinemas are horrible here. They only offer dubbed movies, no subtitles, and the sound is terrible, there are around 30 speakers in the room, yet only the 3 to 5 on the front are working. But people are going. So. here cinemas are going up again. BTW, Tnks 4 chering dis awsom tips!
  4. For some reason, my comments now need to be approved by a moderator. I understand when people don't want me. So, thank you for all the info shared here.
  5. I answered because the iPhone vibrated that night. You can “focus” the iPhone to only vibrate at night with the apps you select. As I said before, I don't worry about not sleeping if that helps me to build a great profile. I'm a full-time unemployed. So, if the iPhone vibrates at midnight, I'll answer since I know it's Fiverr. So, I'm online 24/7. I can go back to sleep if is a scammer the one sending a message. But I totally understand your point. A lot of people just keep their app online 24/7 and leave. And they won't probably answer till the next day. By the way, I didn't read that advice from a user or a YouTuber. The Fiverr app literally says, “Potential buyers will see that you're online, which can help convince them to buy your Gig on the spot. You'll remain online for as long as the app is open”. That's the reason I planted that idea in my mind and now it has grown and has roots. Because as a new seller, I downloaded the app, and one of the first thing I read was that. So, if you are wondering “why new sellers have such a stupid idea”, well, Fiverr is the one to blame.
  6. It is exactly what I'm saying. It's exactly what I said. An impression is the amount of times a gig was seen in the search results, it's the amount of views your gig has. Your gig appeared, was shown, was seen in the search results, it counts as an impression. Maybe I'm getting lost in translation. I don't know. That doesn't mean somebody clicked on your gig, just saw it and kept scrolling. Just because she, and probably you, doesn't look for "online sellers", doesn't mean other people don't. I know my opinion doesn't count because I'm new, I've only had one sale, but that person literary send me a message at 11:59 PM asking me "are you still online, I'm interested in your gig". He told me he found me by the "online sellers" option. I know I'm not a success example, only one sale, wiii. But, most of my acquaintances from Latin America who are starting on Fiverr have been contacted at midnight. Why? Maybe because the clients are on the other side of the world, maybe because clients are on New York, with 3 to 4 hours of difference. But they have been contacted because they were "online". It's probably an issue will have to face for the country we live. That's why I mentioned before that it would be useful if there were much, much more clients/buyers in Latin America. US is so big that they occupy like six different time schedules, it could be 10:00PM there when here is already 1:00AM. And there are so many clients in Europa and Russia. So, if being "online" is working for us, here in Latin America, to get midnight "Are you still online?" messages, I would recommend to new users to be online in the app. I don't care if I don't sleep the first years on Fiverr if that gets me a successful profile. (I mean, I'm sleeping, I'm not getting more orders anyway). Yes, as I already mentioned. Probably, there's no difference between one 5-stars review and zero 5-stars review. But I would have zero if it wasn't because I stayed online. Thank you. I'm revamping my whole profile with all the tips people have shared with me and also on the "tip for buyers" forum. It's going to take me a few days, but I'm definitely listening to. Telling people over and over again "it doesn't matter if you stay online or not", just because you and OP don't care about that search option, seems like "you're believing that you are the only person who is right". You don't search by online sellers, but other people do. I never wanted to sound rude. I just wanted to make clear a point, but I totally understand you won't be reading or answering this post. It's ok. I'm just writing this for the people who will subscribe to Fiverr and will be searching "does being online helps me". Yes people, it depends on your gig, your time zone, but it might help you to get started. Being online has helped us, the new user from Latin America who are just discovering the platform. Somehow, people like to contact us at midnight, because they see we are online. It won't matter anyway if your profile and gig actually "sucks".
  7. As a non native English speaker, I don't entirely understand the meaning of "pasha me", but If understand correctly, no, I'll not ignore you. And I didn't entirely tried to ignore the other user. I'm actually working right now in reconstruct my entire profile, tonight. I'm working right now on new cover images and thinking if I really should erase those photography editing gigs. I want to reconstruct my gigs tonight, so any advice will be well received. Thanks!
  8. Maybe I've followed the wrong tips. That's what happens when you arrive at a place to get tips and the tips says: "1) Your profile sucks, 2) Read 1". This whole thread contains zero knowledge for real sellers that are taking this seriously. I understand OP wanted to complain for those "please help me get orders, no impressions, halp", posts, but people will search for "reasons why you don't have orders" on Fiverr and Google, and will find a user making fun of people who's trying to make a living. Not everybody in this forum is a "pleace halp me get impreession" user, yet, at least two users in this thread are not making any other thing but making fun of everybody. So, yes, maybe I've followed the wrong tips.
  9. Ufff. That makes no sense at all. An impression is the amount of views your gig had. If you have an impression means that you gig was seen one time. If you have 1000 impressions means your gig was seen 1000 times. How often Fiverr shows your gig depends of a lot of factors. How well you did the development of your gig (the tags you place at your gig when you are creating it, if you choose the right category, if you choose the right title, if you did an eye-catchy cover, etc), the performance of your profile and gig (response time, cancelled orders), if you are ONLINE or OFFLINE. Why? When you are searching a gig, you can select to show only "ONLINE SELLERS". If you're not online, you're not going to appear in the search results. You can delimit your search also by show only "Pro Services". Of course if your performance is terrible, you won't appear in the search result even if you're online 24/7. But don't lie to people saying that staying online has nothing to do with impressions. It's one of the important factors to rank higher in the search results. Many of this things are even explained in the introductory course every seller get when they join Fiverr, but I imagine not too many people take such a basic course.
  10. I'm following as many suggestions as I can from this forum so, I'd love to hear why “I'm not sure what is my expertise”. Aren't my gigs clear enough of what I offer? By the way, every gig is actually over saturated on Fiverr. There are over 145,000 gigs about writing, over 13,000 english to spanish translator, over 40,000 photo editing and background removal, over 21,000 proofreaders. So, every gig I opened is over saturated. But, Fiverr is continuously promoting on media outlets that you should join to Fiverr as a writer, writers are having a lot of jobs, etc. And that's what I did. And failed, I know. And what I mean by Latin America is that, is very clear that most orders are in English and are from US. That's something you can see if you ask sellers about their “world domination” analytics. Mostly, 90% of their sales are in English and from US. If more people (clients) from Latin America would know about this platform, there would be a much bigger market for Spanish writers and proofreaders.
  11. I want to add two more gigs, beta reading and photo restoration, since my profile it's mostly writing and photography, and then send my entire profile to my former co-workers. But that's the most I can think of. Here in Latin America, I don't feel that Fiverr is very well known. Neither Upwork, Leggit nor all these platforms. At least not by the clients. Of course, freelancers are starting to notice the platform, but not the potential clients.
  12. Please, tell me what part of my profile sucks: fiverr.com/jayjayros I mean, I've followed as many tips as possible I've found on this forum, yet no impressions, forget about orders.
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