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  1. Thank you so much. She answered me. And again rejected my delivery asking for source file. But we talk about just 12 render image. And she said it was lovely after seeing my work but still rejected my work and then ask for 12 render image + source file. After that i told her that she was ordered for only 12 image and that's why i offer her extra for source file. But she didn't reply me. And rejected my offer without saying anything. So after that i delivered her 12 image + source file what she asked last time. I don't know what kind of situation is this. It's first time for me. And still my delivery is pending. I am confused and tensed about this.
  2. what will happen if buyer didn’t accept my delivery after revision? There was no revision option in my gig but she requested me for a revision. I accepted that and gave her delivery again as she want. And she was online but didn’t reply me.
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