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  1. Hi! Today I checked my emails and Fiverr's Customer Support team responded to my support request: I understand how important it is for you to understand the current status of your Gig.I forwarded your request to the relevant team for review and as soon as they reply, I will follow up with you on this ticket and provide further information. A couple of hours later, they followed up with: Thank you for your patience.I'm happy to inform you that your Gig has been approved once again. As you all previously shared, I think the word "review" did throw off Fiverr's system and automatically flagged my gig. I'm so glad this got sorted out without having to edit my gig again. Thanks again for the help, everyone!
  2. @smashradio @rachelbostwick Thank you both so much! This is frustrating but makes sense. I’ll reword my gig ASAP and update this thread with the results.
  3. Hi! I've been hit with the automated denial from Fiverr twice now due to a "general TOS violation." I'm trying to troubleshoot this issue myself but in the meantime, I did reach out to Fiverr's support team for assistance (no response yet). My original gig description was as follows: I thought maybe mentioning the platforms by name was the issue so I removed this from my second attempt, but the result was still the same. Does Fiverr scan gig photos? These platforms are named in my gig photo as well. Thanks in advance for helping me sort this out!
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