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  1. You re-check if your gig is active! If the Fiverr gig is not active, consult with the Fiverr community.
  2. You can contact the Fiverr community about your problem and check your email. Contact the Fiverr team to find out why Fiverr has lost your gig. Hope you get a nice answer from Fiverr community them. Thanks
  3. 2 weeks have passed and the order is not complete yet. What should I do? ‍Please suggest me and Which will help me move forward.
  4. Experienced people need help, I currently have three gigs. Gig related I don't get any buyer requests. Due to which it is not possible to send 10 buyer requests. What should I do now?

  5. Thank You for the advice it's really helped me 💙
  6. I open the gig. But no order has been received yet. This is my problem too. Want to know what to do?
  7. Contact fiverr community ! They will cooperate with you.
  8. Contact the Fiverr community on this topic. Maybe a solution can be found on their behalf.
  9. I have three gigs. But I haven't received any orders yet. What should I do now?
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