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  1. To day I Will tell a story. It was happened past,then I was young school boy.One weekend day we went to kalawewa.(kalawewa-This is a lage tank it made King Datusena. it IS very close to vejethapur) we went there and stayed,At that time Government law not very thafe but now we can't stay at night whatever at that night we were stayed kalawewa forest.we built tree house.It was very comparable like bird nest.l remember that it was a poya day so that night calm and quite,what a peaceful night. we arranged (built)our tree house as wel as bird nest,befor the darkness we cooked our dinner after we put everythings in the tree house. after we enjoyed,we bathed.before the darkness we climbed into the tree house and we were waiting for our guest ELEPHANTS after half an hour our hopes were successfuled waw....what a beautiful ELEPHANTS we looked. I wll tell next day, what we were happened at mid night...
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