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  1. You don't need to stay online 25 hours a day to get sales, this changes nothing. Just have a good gig description, title, thumbnail, and keywords, get some traffic via social media and send buyer requests to maybe get your first sale soon.
  2. You can contact customer support to remove the buyer review image but the buyer must also agree to remove the photo. I am not exactly sure, but it could be, that this only can be done after 14 days when the review was made.
  3. Read this, it's really helpful. Best of luck.
  4. You need to read the buyer's request completely and make a unique response. You can't just use a template because that just doesn't work. Also don't write too long sentences, be creative and try to be unique answering the request. You can read through this article, this will answer your question.
  5. Yes, and what is to your questions? You just write a sentence without even asking something. If you want to know what "Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations over the course of 30 days" means, this just means, that you need 30 days without warnings to have 1/4 steps done to become a level 1 seller.
  6. You need to have a good gig title and a killer description to make sure that the buyer knows what you are offering. Having a good thumbnail is important because that is something the buyer sees at first. It is also good to have low competition keywords as a new seller and it is important to advertise your gig on social media to get traffic so you are maybe getting your first sales.
  7. Congratulations on your 105+ orders, keep on going!
  8. First of all, the best chance to get the first sale is by applying on buyer request (navigate to: fiver.com -> switch to selling -> more -> buyer requests). There you can see buyer request from multiple people. If you can't see any, just wait a few hours and then refresh your website. Another way to get a job is to promote your gig on social media. You can use specific hashtags to find people from your exact target group (e.g. you have a gig about logo design -> use hashtags for your images on social media like #logodesign #illustrator etc.). It is also very important to deliver your orders on time and to deliver a great product so that the buyer is convinced of your performance and maybe order again. It is also good to have a good thumbnail and a great description.
  9. If your gig is loosing its rank, try to advertise on social media to get some traffic. You can apply on buyer request to maybe get a new order (navigate to fiverr.com ; then click "Switch to Selling" ; after that in the middle on the top you can see "More" and then "Buyer Requests", click that ; now you can see buyer request from different users - If you don't see any, wait some time and refresh your browser and then apply to maybe get a new customer).
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