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  1. Congratulations and May you get many such orders :)
  2. By being active, one can attract "urgent" buyers. They use the filter "online sellers" for projects that need to be delivered within 24 hours. I got 2 orders that way.
  3. Hi. If you are getting impressions but no clicks, try changing the banner image. Make it attractive with BOLD letters.
  4. Welcome to Fiverr Community Sakshi. Just checked your gig. Amazing vocals. All the best :)
  5. Hi. Congrats on completing 2 orders. Be consistent with your work quality and stay online as much as possible. Buyer requests are a must. Have a nice day :)
  6. Welcome to Fiverr Community Mr. Wordweaver and I wish you best of luck :)
  7. Welcome to Fiverr Community Mahfuzur. All the best :)
  8. Welcome to Fiverr Community Jackson :)
  9. Welcome to Fiverr community and try sending 10 offers from "buyer requests" section you can land your 1st gig from there. That's how I got my 1st. All the best :)
  10. Congratulations Nahid, that's a brilliant achievement and hope you continue :)
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