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  1. Actually they do care, I contacted CS and within 24 hours they messaged me back that they reset my response rate. Because sellers aren't supposed to message people who make buy requests. The only thing is they couldn't change my response time but told me that it'll fix itself over time and won't affect me.
  2. Ok? No need to act like a know-it-all, because you're the one who just has to read, it clearly says "users are limited to one active Fiverr account and one active Fiverr Business account." One Fiverr account AND one Fiverr Business account. Now why would they phrase it like that? Why make a distinction between the two? It's almost as if you're allowed to have an account as a buyer and an account for selling... aka a business account. Otherwise they'd just say you're only allowed to have one single account. I wasn't arguing. And all you did was show your know-it-all nature. This states that you can't have multiple account to prevent fraud and abuse. But please go on and explain to me how I am abusing the system by using an account different from my seller account to make buyer requests in order to buy things I need, without ruining myself with having to respond with hundreds of spam messages. Did you know that if you're a buyer, you can't receive messages from people who see your buyer requests? But, as a seller your account has a button that says "contact me" which is only there if you made your account a seller account by creating at least one gig, it's almost as if the staff at Fiverr realized that buyers wouldn't want to be contacted that why. It's almost as if that's why they make a distinction between a Fiverr account and a Fiverr business account :D Thank you and Good day sir.
  3. How is it a violation if I have one account for selling and another account for buying? That makes no sense.
  4. If you're like me, you use Fiverr as a buyer and a seller. As I buyer I decided to make buyer request to get some offers for some art I needed, and one of the things that happened during this process was that sellers wouldn't just send me an offer but they would go to my profile and message me directly. Seeing a flood of messages I could in no way respond to all of them, so I just went through them and deleted anything that didn't fit with what I needed, this was a huge mistake, as it turns out that any messages you get when in buyer mode counts towards your message response rate and message response time stats and by deleting these messages from people I wasn't interested in working with, I've made my message response rate 33% which is in the red for my stats, which is not good, it also inflated my response time to 9 hours as I decided to make the buyer request and sleep on it to go through everything the next day. Long story short, if you use Fiverr as a seller to also buy things using buyer requests, use a different account to avoid ruining your stats.
  5. Hello, in the past I've made some gigs and then paused them, however returning to Fiverr now these gigs are now displayed as "on hold" and I can not delete them, whenever I try to delete them the only option I have is to edit them. There is no way to delete them. This is quite annoying as I have 2 active gigs and 5 gigs "on hold" that I do not want and because of these "on hold" gigs I can't make new ones. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm just doing something wrong but it's quite annoying. If anyone has any solutions, thank you in advance. EDIT/SOLVED: I had to click the box on the right and then I had the option to delete.
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