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  1. Honestly, giving yourself a schedule is so important as a freelancer. You have to be willing to hold yourself accountable and maintain structure--just so you don't find yourself going bonkers by the end of the day! I'd love to make it as a freelance editor/writer, but I'm still very much trying to figure out the methods and avenues of it. I really appreciate you sharing this ~
  2. Oh my god, that's... concerning. I've also had someone message me like they were sliding into my DMs which was... weird. Blocked them pretty quick, too. I think it made my response time decline, though? Who knows!
  3. Mostly I just wish there was an easier way to decline gigs--it'd be nice if I could handle more of my customer service rather than, well... fiverr's customer service. I'm also learning there are people who prefer to not have gigs open and will instruct people to ask for a quote first in order to discuss the gig before accepting it. I'm considering doing this but I'm not sure how helpful it'll be to me as a new seller. As you've stated, I do always learn with every gig that makes me uncomfortable what to include in my gig information (my boundaries, what I will and will not do). I'm currently in the process of doing a total overhaul of my profile. I'm also wondering if making a personal site just for my freelance work would be a good idea sometime in the future.
  4. I don't think saying: "that's not how this platform works and never has been" is very productive. The category is, in fact, called: Fiverr Site Suggestions. The point is to suggest changes that will improve the user experience.
  5. Honestly, this is often how I feel when I have buyers trying to chat up a storm with me, or buyers who send me messages several times throughout the day just to ask me if I like the story they wrote (I do manuscript editing). 1. It's not about if I like the story, you're paying me to proofread and edit your manuscript. I'm an editor, not a reviewer. 2. If you keep bothering me, that timer is gonna run out and I won't be able to complete your order in time, and neither one of us wants that! I definitely try to stay friendly, but sometimes you do just have to tell them that you're sorry you can't hold conversation very well because you're busy. Usually they'll understand if you explain you're trying to stay on time/meet the deadline. If not, then I just wouldn't work with that buyer again, to be honest.
  6. I think the best piece of advice I could give as a freelancer is to know your boundaries and your limits. Being open to different kinds of jobs at different price points is fine, but don't allow clients to walk all over you either--it'll set a bad precedent and you'll get a reputation for being an easy mark in buyer forums and communities, which will make it harder for you to actually get paid fairly for your work. You don't want to be in a position where you're known for being easy to haggle and manipulate.
  7. No, definitely not--especially considering your account on the forums is not directly linked to your seller account on fiverr. So unless someone was dedicated to tracking you down on the main website (which, most people are either not willing to put in the time to do so or don't even know where to begin), you're really not going to see an improvement to your gig activity. The only way you're really going to see an improvement in your gig activity is to advertise elsewhere (facebook, instagram, twitter, et cetera). You have to get people from outside of the site to find you. You also really need to make sure you have eye-catching thumbnails on your gigs and that you thoroughly describe what people can expect from you as a seller.
  8. So, I started using fiverr within the last year or so as a means of diversifying my income and getting experience in freelance editing. I sort of had an idea that I would be encountering some strange offers, considering the nature of the site. What I wasn't prepared for was the almost complete lack of protections for sellers on this site. I should be able to decline any gigs I get, especially if the buyer is asking for something I'm not comfortable with doing or is blatantly ignoring my own boundaries or criteria. I should also be able to decline gigs if for some reason I have a bunch of gigs in line--why does the timer start immediately anyways? I have a life outside of fiverr and can't always be at it's beck and call the minute someone else is looking for me! I try to check everything in a timely manner, but I'm human and have a lot going on! A timer shouldn't start until I ACCEPT the gig. The way the site is currently set up, I feel like it's so easy for sellers to be taken advantage of or harrassed into working. The fact I have to request the buyer to also cancel is absurd, or the fact that in order to get anything done you have to approach customer service is... inefficient. Not being able to decline offers is the #1 reason I'm considering leaving, to be honest. I don't feel protected here.
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