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  1. I think there are no shortcut for gig rank. its an automatic process. order completation, response rate, on time delivery, avoid order cancelation, and most important need to provide high quality work then you will get very good reviews from your buyers. Fiverr will rank you gig base your overall parformance. That's it.
  2. yes, some sellers share their gig in facebook groups and exchange their gig favorite. i think it will be just time waste. you can find your target buyer from linkedin. you can take help from youtube. "how to find buyer in linkedin"
  3. SOME BAD ADVICE FOR GIG RANK : Stay 24 hr online Share your gig on facebook group Active 5-6 hours at fiverr forum Daily send atleast 10 buyer request GIG RANK: I think some new sellers are too rush for gig rank after create their gig. i don't know why they can't try to understand already there are thousand of success and experienced sellers. So why you think Fiverr push your gig first page and drop their gig to last pages? But definitely fiverr give you chance to work in this marketplace. so you need to be patient, try to connect your target buyer in social platfrom. Fiverr Algorithm System: Fiverr Algorithm is hidden System. No sellers don't fully know how fiverr rank sellers gig, Only Fiverr Team know well about their tricks for gig rank. Some tips for sellers : Avoid order cancelation - it can be effect to your profile Deliver On time - avoid late delivery Quick response to buyers for maintain quick response rate Maintain 4.8-5.00 reviews rate Provide quality work Be professional and friendly but not too much friendly Some buyers didn't give reviews, Don't force buyers to give reviews. sometimes they are too busy so don't disturb buyers for reviews. also unnecessary don't message them if buyer need help from you buyer will message you.
  4. At first you can see others experienced sellers gigs. don't copy their gig title. you can take idea from their gig.
  5. Congratulation on your achievement. keep continue good work
  6. Be patient, I think 9 days are too long time. sometimes top rated sellers didn't get orders for long time.
  7. yes. small article but very helpful. thank you
  8. yes don't worry. buyer can order again or you can mutually extend time & budget. no problem
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