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  1. I had to cancel the order eventually ( 4.6 won't help me get orders as a new seller ) But i will never do this again in the future. Thank you all!
  2. Understood, thank you so much for your valuable advices! I will try to Stand my ground! Which is worst a 1 star review or a cancellation? ( Just in case things didn't go so well )
  3. Hi; So I explained in detail what I was gonna do to a client and they completely agreed and asked me to start working. After the Delivery they started asking me for totally different tasks. I'm just afraid if they leave me a bad review if i refuse. I'm relatively new and a bad review would ruin me as a seller. Any suggestions? EDIT: They asked for cancellation, would that affect my gig? and what if he just takes my work for free?
  4. There is some sort of ranking, but they made the algorithm that way so new and under 5 sellers could get some orders, they put their gigs in the first page temporary to give them a chance unlike top rated gigs, they appear in almost every research. You know the rank of the gig by the impressions it gets. level 2 and Top rated sellers are getting most of the impressions.
  5. Gig ranking exists, and rotation also happens.
  6. Understood. Thank you so much for the help!
  7. Hi, I delivered the order on time, but it says 1h 56m late. What is that supposed to mean? PS: the buyer didn't accept it yet.
  8. Hi, Some buyers never leave me a review, will that affect on my Gig ranking and visibility?
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